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Jab or not ?

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Have etjk2 still on daily aspirin only ,but am in discussions about starting treatment. How many of you haven't had THE JAB ?

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The vast majority have had the jab. Go for it 🙂

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Mostew in reply to Otterfield

Majority rules !!!!!

This data via from Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is encouraging for MPN patients- 97% have antibody response lls.org/news/study-leukemia... . But this hematologist still recommends vaccinated blood cancer patients should still take care with distancing etc twitter.com/MikkaelSekeres/...

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azaelea in reply to ethyl_mermyn

Hello, I have read the link from leukaemia study you mention but I can’t see any reference to MPN patients having 97% antibodies response. Can’t see a reference to MPNs at all. Which section is it in please?

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ethyl_mermyn in reply to azaelea

In the graph, left column- second down (also includes Myelodysplastic syndrome). That said, it doesn't measure the level of antibodies- so I for one (double jabbed with Pfizer) will continue to take precautions, especially indoors

Graphic of antibody response to Covid-19 for different blood cancers
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azaelea in reply to ethyl_mermyn

So sorry, I didn’t see this as I must just have read the myelodysplastic syndrome first in the square. My apologies! Yes I have had two Pfizer vaccines some time ago now as the first was at end of December 2020 as I’m in my 80s. I am certainly keeping close to home and no shops except chemist. I run a mile if I see more than 2 people coming towards me. Thanks for your reply, keep safe. Regards Fran

here are the numbers lls.org/sites/default/files...

I have . Never had jabs before apart from childhood , so reluctantly but fine afterwards . Not having flu vaccine (uk )

Hi Rocket2017,

I haven’t. It’s still experimental with no long term safety studies. The Phase III trials end in 2023. Personally I find the number of adverse reactions a bit alarming.

Check that your vit D levels are at an optimal level, as this helps provide some protection, as proved by countless studies across the globe.

That is just one of many easy and cheap things you can do to boost your own immune system. Zinc and vit c also help boost your immune system.

Today is World Ivermectin Day,24th July, which you can search for and watch the conference.

This has proved to be very good as a preventative and treatment and is used in many countries , but for some strange reason , has been heavily censored by some press and governments.

Maybe the price has something to do with that, as it only costs £0.50.

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Osidge in reply to Amethist


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Otterfield in reply to Osidge

Thank you for sharing this. It should be compulsory reading for anyone hailing Ivermectin as a miracle Covid treatment!

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Aquinas in reply to Amethist

Thank you for that useful extra information, Amethist.

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Osidge in reply to Aquinas

My pleasure. Nobody on HU is served by poor,and, possibly, dangerous information.

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jevans59 in reply to Osidge

Curious why you mention HU here. Is taking HU associated with worse outcomes if infected with Sars-cov-2? My oncologist told me it did not suppress immune response. All her patients who were on HU and vaccinated (including me) showed antibodies.

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Osidge in reply to jevans59

HU is Healthulocked and not hydroxy. Sorry for the confusion.

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jevans59 in reply to Osidge

Haha, sorry my misunderstanding!!

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Osidge in reply to Amethist


Had my 2nd dose vaccine last month. Both my GP and my haematologist agree having the jab, and I think so too.

I think the numbers speak for themselves, deaths while not zero remain low, much lower than at any other time compared with the positive cases.

For me any other drugs such compliment the vaccine not replace it, none of the alternatives mentioned in this thread have been approved for treating covid.

I dont understand the claims the vaccine hasnt been through phase 3 trials when they have and results were published late last year prior to their approval.

The claims about the length of phase III trials are the usual antivax half-truths to imply something sinister. "It is standard procedure for safety monitoring to continue after vaccines have been approved for use."


Stats from the FT about the effectiveness of vaccines based on PHE data. Worth scrolling up to the top of the thread but this is particularly encouraging:


Vaccination programmes have been one of the greatest pinnacles of human civilisation in the last hundred years. Millions of lives saved both from death and from lifelong serious illness. In 1940, over 46,000 people in the UK died of diphtheria. Four people have died of diphtheria in the UK in the last twenty years. Before the polio vaccine, thousands of people in the UK caught polio every year and hundreds of those would die (many of the ones who didn't die would have lifelong disabilities). There has not been a case of polio in the UK caused by natural infection since 1984.

Hi Rockie,

I was diagnosed with PV in 2006.

In 2015 I started Ruxolitinib and that is my main treatment now.

I have had both jabs and my haematologist told me that the odds of being very seriously ill or dying if I caught Covid are massively not in my favour. But the likelihood of me having a serious clot in my brain are miniscule. So, I had the jabs.

My advice would be ...... get jabbed and don't delay.

Not yet, but am on the waiting list.

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