Pneumonia Jab

Any one with PV had the pneumonia jab?

I had mine on Monday and within an hour started to feel unwell I ended up having to leave work and been off sick for 3 days now. The nurse told me there wouldn't be any side effects and if I became ill it would be purely coincidental.

Just curious as to if I've just been unlucky and was going to come down with a virus or could it have been the injection.

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  • I had mine and was ok, i think like any vaccine some people can have an effect.

    It may be coincidence mind, there are loads of bugs flying around right now, ive just gone straight from one to another in the past week or so.

  • Hi Littled, sorry to hear that you have had this reaction, hope you are feeling better now, you might be interested in this on the NHS Choices website

    Best wishes, Maz

  • Sorry you feel rough and hope you soon recover - probably a dreaded coincidence - I have ET and had the pneumonia injection some years ago and was fine - it is very recommended by MPN specialists - so think you have been unfortunate to get a virus at same time - rest up well

  • I have recently had the pneumonia jab and have also felt slightly unwell and lethargic.My arm has also felt very sore.I have PV dohope you soon feel better

  • I too had a very strong reaction to the pneumonia vaccine. Not quite as quick as yours, but by early evening I had uncontrollable shakes, couldn't hold a hot water bottle to fill it. I was really frightened but fine the next day.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I have PV and had the jab a few years ago. No problems apart from a sore arm for a while.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  • Have PV, had mine last year luckily with no after effects. I would imagine that the possible advantages still outweigh any effects that last a couple of days. The odds are in your favour and you don't know until you are committed, so I guess it s just one of those chances you have to take and hope for the best.

  • I had it about 5 years ago and 24 hours later had high temperature and uncontrollable shaking. Took paracetamol and went to bed feeling ghastly but luckily it wore off through the night and was fine next day. Husband had it at same time and was fine. No-one else in family caught anything from me so I assumed it was the jab - no evidence but seemed a bit co-incidental. Though very unpleasant was probably best to have had it.

  • I've not had it yet, but my mom did and the nurse told her you will hate me in 2 days. Sure enough the next night mom was miserable with fever, chills, queasy stomach... felt sick. That lasted about 4 days. She doesn't have PV, but 2 weeks ago we found out she has uterine cancer. Surgery is Dec 15. She is 86 yrs old.

  • Thank you for the replies, I'm feeling feeling better today, my arm still sore and red though. It was probably just a coincidence but the nurse took my bloods before I had the injection so if it was a virus I'm thinking it may show a raised marker in the white cell count. I see the haematologist on Tuesday so will ask.

  • I've wondered whether it's worth having. I've had the flu jab though.

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