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Other blood tests

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Hi got my other bloods test results back from doctors my iron levels are okay did show up rheumatoid something like that so doctors refer me too rheumatology which got telephone appointment on the 22nd of June over phone for first appointment then I've not enough vimitims D so doctors advised me to take 1000mg also my antibodies and said my wbc gone high is 11.3 neutrophil 6.9 lymphocyte 3.4 my platelets just gone up slightly in last 2 weeks to 733 from 701 2 weeks so not much gone up but with the shooting pains I get in my body and back pain getting worse pins needles comes and goes but doctors ask me to make a follow up appointment with my haematology so il be ringing them back up tomorrow to see what they say am not too gurd whats high and whats low with my bloods apart from my platelets count which a do know .thankyou Xx

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Hi Jody.

Sorry to hear of your additional troubles. I am really impressed you’ve got a Rheumatology appointment so quickly though. The phrase you may have heard could be ‘rheumatoid factor.’ Your GP may have requested this test along with the full blood count. You should ask the rheumatologist to clarify anything you don’t understand. I suggest you record the call, as it’s so easy to miss something.

What you describe does sound like there maybe some underlying infection or inflammatory process going on. Obviously your GP has quite rightly referred you for further investigation. Also, a very good idea to get your haematology team on board with these changes.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Mary x

Hi Jody , , you got a bit going on it seems some dealt with simply like your vit D which affects many of us but until we get a test many remain ignorant of it. I've recently had to boost mine up. Also been waiting a rheumatology appt but for 3 months now ! In fact the issue I was referred for has eased right up so they might not see me when it finally comes.

I agree with Mary in that you could have some underlying infection with your wbc and I hope you get sorted, sounds like your GP is being very proactive unlike mine who has been virtually shut down for the last 15 months.

Good Luck - Chris

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mhos61 in reply to JediReject

Ditto on the GP Practice Chris!

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JediReject in reply to mhos61

Yes Mary I honestly don't know what the several GPs at our small surgery are doing apart from a few phone calls and looking at emailed images . . I know they must of seen a few patients but the surgery was always very busy and the well versed receptionists are keeping physical appts to a minimum ,I don't think they're doing home visits unless it's serious. . . how long will this be allowed to continue after this month.

Similarly I have one single appt in the past year to have my eyes checked at Manchester Royal Eye. There must be a humongous backlog now and I've not been offered any appt as yet.

Finally I haven't been able to get my agéd dog in to see a vet as they're only accepting immediate threat to life cases.

Aargh !!

Just adding to rant there were apparently 32 million fewer GP appts in 2020 than 2019 . . I rest my case m'lud . . .,.,.,

Let's cut our GPs a tiny bit of slack... The last time I laid eyes on my GP was when I had my second jab, he was busy getting needles into arms at the time. So not exactly slacking - or indeed 'working from home'


Lucky you Andy , obviously there are more hands on GP s than others but I stand by my comments regarding my surgery which has been and still is hard to access for a physical appt though our nurses have been very busy doing the injections, bloods etc. It would be helpful if there was a little more communication with patients. My Dad's surgery in the next town is functioning much better. Let's hope things ease up across the board soon.


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mhos61 in reply to JediReject

I totally agree Chris.

There are good and bad in all things, surgeries included. For people with long term health conditions you absolutely need continuity of care. Unfortunately, this has declined in our practice, amongst other things, and this is reflected in their most recent CQC report, ‘Needs Improvement’ in all areas.

Most of the GPs do a good job when you manage to get to see one. It’s the Practice leadership what’s the problem. Have you checked your GPs Practice CQC report? Maybe time for a change Chris!

My husband has moved practice this last week. His new practice is seven miles out of town, but it just had to be done. At this stage there is nothing to lose. I will be following as soon as I see how his transition works out.

You are right. I consider myself very lucky with my GP. The only problem I've got at the moment is the rigmarole I have to go through to get blood tests done in a timely way.

That's not the fault of the medical staff though, it's the management and bean counters I fear.

If you get a copy of your CBC then it should have the Reference Ranges that lab uses. They can vary a bit by lab. Here are the reference ranges for leukocytes from my lab

WBC 3.98-10.01

NEUT 1.56-6.13

LYMPH 1.18-3.74

MONO 0.24-0.82

EO 0.04-0.54

BASO 0.010-0.08

Sorry to hear about the back pain. I also experience it. We are more prone to things like this due in part to the inflammatory nature of MPNs. Hope you find relief soon. FYI - one of my back pain management interventions is massage therapy. It keep me functional and out of pain.

All the best.

Thankyou for getting back to me guys hunter I've Gmail mu haematology to let them know has carnt get threw to them back on 16th of June just to update and got bloods doing again on 18th of June then telephone appointment on 22nd of June with rheumatologist not far now away il let u guys know how it goes and thankyou again Xx

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