Good blood results

I've been back to the hospital today after having my Anagrelide increased 3 weeks ago. Before Christmas my platelets had gone up to 590 from 450, but this morning they were down to 420, so I don't go back for 8 weeks this time. Also staying on the same dose of 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

I had also been worried as my WBC had been creeping up over the last few months, although still in normal range. I asked about this and was told the ET can also alter the white blood cells as well. Anyway they had also gone back down a bit. She checked back over my results and my WBC had never gone over 9.5, so feel a bit more reassured by that. I also asked about why the blood results said stage 2 CKD but was told that was due to side effects of the various drugs including hu and pain relief for my arthritis, and it wasn't anything to worry about as my last scan showed my kidneys were normal!

I have put weight on over the 3 weeks the dosage was increased but those weeks do include Christmas so that probably has a lot to do with it! Although I have had a lot of difficulty losing weight while being on Anagrelide, harder than when on hu.

Anyway that's a good start to my year so I'm pleased with that. Hope 2017 is a really happy and healthy one for everybody particularly Chris (jedi-reject) even though he is from the wrong side of the Pennines!!! XX

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  • Well done Lizzie so glad you have had good results - it's so so nice isn't it when an appointment beings good news and treatment us working as hoped for - have a bit of a trear this week to celebrate!!

  • Good news and long may it continue .

    I joined Slimming World because the HU had made my weight go up and have lost 10lbs so far but then I had to sign the consent form for the Anagrelide and it said I could gain weight on that !

    If only we could all swap about and give each other the stuff we have too much of including our cells


  • I'm doing slimming world too. I've lost 3 stone but it's taken me 2 years. The last few months I've hardly lost anything. I want to get some more off before my sons wedding in September. So I'll have to try really hard.

  • Good news to start the year off with. Sounds like you asked all the relevant questions too. I think we all are guilty of putting on a few pounds over the Christmas period. I am back at the clinic on the 17th...hoping for good results!

    Happy New Year

    Mary x

  • Good luck with the results! x

  • Good news Lizzie, happy new year to you too.

  • Thank you. Happy new year to you too x

  • Congrats Lizzie!! Great news. I hope you don't fret too much about losing weight. Just stay healthy and happy. Katie. BTW, what is the Jedi-reject reference to "Pennines?" Is that part of England? Sorry to sound dense, but I'm curious. Thanks.

  • Hi, The Pennines ate a range of hills which run north to south down the middle of part of Northern England. I live in the county of Yorkshire which is mainly to the east of the Pennines, and Chris (jefi-reject) lives in The county of Lancashire which is mainly to the west of the Pennines. There has been rivalry between the 2 counties for hundreds of years. Have you heard of the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century?

    Yorkshire has the nickname of Gods Own County. So, of course, we are so much better than the Lancastrians!

    I am only joking with Chris! I heartily wish him well.

    Best wishes

    Lizzie x

  • I did respond early on but had to switch off half way through coz my hospital transport knocked door half hr early. . It's easy to see why they call Yorkshire God's own country but I'm a Lanky lad through and through, , can't choose where you're born and bred. I hold no prejudices against anyone if they are good hearted, no matter what part of our land they're from.

    You're being well looked after by your health care team which is good. Glad you had great start to this new year. . .xx

    PS, , stop drinking pints of Tetleys bitter if you want to lose more weight 😈😈

  • Ah, now it makes sense. How fun to have this good hearted rivalry. Thanks for explaining. Katie

  • Excellent news Lizzie. I'm really pleased about your results. Karen x

  • Thank you! X

  • Glad to hear you had good news re your results. re weight - I joined a health centre and it keeps my weight to a good level and I enjoy the classes and if I don't feel up to a class I can walk around the track - the mostly women are a friendly bunch and I like the social aspect but I think the thing is how you feel less so the reading on the scales. (Before I got diagnosed I got really sick and lost way too much weight and it was a bit scary) I was interested in what you say re where you live and the pennines - I have just been watching the BBC's production of The Hollow Crown which is all about the Wars of the Roses. Had a lot of good actors in it including Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III- it was very good, and I learnt a lot more about English history from watching it. It sounds like a beautiful place to live. All good wishes for the future.

  • Thank you. Parts of Yorkshire are absolutely beautiful, alas other parts leave a lot to be desired! Same as any other area in any county I suppose! 😳

    I go to slimming world to help with the weight, and also swim 4 or 5 times a week. As I have severe arthritis in my knees I can't walk far, which is very frustrating. Swimming keeps my legs/knees reasonably flexible.


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