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I've been on Anagrelide for 2 weeks now (after 3 years on hydroxy) and have been to the hospital for a check up. My platelets were down from 415 to 305, best they've been since the beginning of last year.

However on comparing my results I've noticed my RBC is consistently low, usually around 3.50 this time 3.35. Other counts are all within "normal ranges" except for MCV and MCH which are consistently high always around 110 and 35-36. Is this "normal" with ET? I know they're not massively out of range.

My toes are still messy and the doctor said it may take some time for them to heal as the hydroxy will still be in my system for a while. It looks as though a toe on my other foot is going to start with the same problem too.

I don't go back for 6 weeks now, but have been told to contact them if there are any problems. I have had very mild palpitations which they warned me might happen, but nothing too scary.

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  • Hi Lizzie good news on the platelets, not sure on RBC as that is not a count I have been following for myself unless it has another name. I go back after six weeks for a check on my levels have been quite well over that last few weeks so am pleased with that. Hope your toes start to improve sooner rather than later. I was only on Hydroxy ay 1 a day for about 8 months and have to take 5 a day of the Anagrelide. I also have to take Allopurinol which is for gout - I don't have gout just raised levels of Uric Acid so it's a precaution and has helped with aching knee and ankle joints. Hoping things continue to improve for you.

    Caz x

  • Thank you. I was on 17 capsules per week of the hydroxy, and now 2 per day of the Anagrelide. I'm hoping my toes clear up before winter as I still can't bear shoes on them - I don't think open toe wellies are this years fashion choice!!

  • Good results of the platelets for two acday of the Anagrelide mine aren't stable on 4 a day - keep rising a bit - will see on Monday what 5 a day has done. Just shows how we all react differently to the drugs x

  • Hi Lizziep - just a quick update saw Heam yesterday and he is really pleased platelets down to 271 and Haemoglobin steady at 95 after 6 weeks - I have to stay on the injections of etheropotein as he feels these with the Anagrelide are finally stabilizing my blood results - see him again in 5 weeks and hope he will let me stop the injections for the two weeks we go on holiday - all other results also I range and the best news being I may not need to have any more transfusions for my anaemia. love Caz x

  • That's good. Hope you have a good holiday! X

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