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Had your yearly flu jab yet?


Morning all, I was just thinking, as we are supposed to be on the vulnerable bunch list have any of you had/been offered a flu jab this year? I am usually one of the first called by our docs and not heard a peep. Do you think we should have one?

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Hello Jenny, I was called and had my flu jab.

I have it every year and don’t get flu.


Call your GP's.

I received a letter, my mum who is 78 did, my dad who is 81 didnt....all at the same GP's.

My dad called anyway and they booked him in.

I am sure they will sort it out for you


I would just call them. Think this year it’s really important. Had mine a month ago

Morning Jenny, I received a tx a few weeks back for flu vaccine I had mine yesterday. I have vaccine ever year

I did not wait for a call. I just set it up when I saw my hematologist. No problem - got it immediately on request.

Hi, yes. I had mine 2 weeks ago.

Yes got a text from GPs, got it on Thursday, now just waiting for arm to get back to normal, worth it though to have the protection especially this year

Had mine a week ago. Usual reminder from GP and made appointment.

Yes - worth it - had mine 2 weeks ago - had received a letter.

My husband received a letter from GP beginning of Sept and had it 3 weeks ago (PV). But ours are doing it on invitation only basis. So I have to wait. They are doing the most vulnerable first so you should be called up. Give them a ring as it is important this year.

Hello Jenny

I had mine around 3 weeks ago before receiving my letter at my local chemist. No charge. First year of having the flu vaccine. Take care

I got mine along with the pneumonia vaccine😊


Yes had mine on Saturday.

I do know that some GP surgery’s haven’t had there delivery yet. My sister is a practice nurse in Wakefield uk and she hasn’t received there’s Yet.


Jennytheb in reply to YBSx

Interesting, I will get in touch with the surgery today anyway. Thanks.

Have had mine. No problems ,

I’ve had it already. No side effects. Had a text from GP and had jab same day. It was also suggested by my pharmacist so there does seem to be promoted this year. Good idea to chase your GP.

Jennytheb in reply to Sallush

Phoned the surgery and said could I go along in about 5 mins! Nice weather so nurse outside and done as soon as I got there, way to go.

Finally having mine tomorrow having had to keep chasing it up.tina.🤗

I’ve got an appointment for mine. Yes my heamo says get one and I trust her implicitly.

Hi, I had mine on 22nd September, no problem booking it with my local GP surgery.

I got a text message. Had mine last week

I called my primary and got one

Hi, just to let you know I phoned the surgery and actually had my flu jab 5 minutes after call, all carried out in the carpark, lucky it was a sunny, dry day. Anyway so far all ok apart from of course a little soreness in the area. Glad its done. Thanks all for all your replies.

Take care x

Yes we do need one every year definitely.

Hi I just had mine.

I had a telephone appointment about something else earlier in the week and mentioned it and they were surprised that I hadn’t been invited to come in for it.

Though when I was leaving the doctor said it is recommended I also have the pneumonia jab as well so I got that done as well. I think this is the first pneumonia jab I’ve had I’m 54.

Wondering if anyone else is getting this as well this year?

Jennytheb in reply to Jonnymitts

Thanks, I rang on Monday morning early and they asked me to pop along as I live 4 doors away from surgery and they did it then. I think they should have contacted me though but there you go.

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