Flu jab / pneumonia jab is offered to PV patients in US . Do I need this ?

I was diagnosed with PV at the beginning of this year. Can any one tell me if I should get a flu jab /pneumonia jab. As I am only in my mid 40's I am not on the GP's radar. For the past few winters I have caught very bad upper respiratory infections and have needed anti biopics and steroids to clear it. This of course was before my diagnosis. I am on a Facebook group for MPDs and most of the members from the U.S.A have the flu jab annually and pneumonia jab every 10 years.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • I was diagnosed with ET 4 years ago and asked my GP I I should have it and she just whipped out the needle and did it on the spot! Now have an annual jab which is fine. Basically if you are put on meds your immune system is usually compromised, either white blood cells or neutrophils as well as lower Hb so it's a precaution but do discuss this with your consultant, keep a record of your counts and be sensible. So far not had any problems with colds/flu but I do try to eat more veg and fruit too. Apparently some live vaccines ( e.g Tb booster) are not recommended so double check that too. Take care and don't panic, there's lots of information and support through MPD Voice.

  • Anyone with respiratory problems such as Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, etc, should be having the Flu vaccine each year. Therefore it is even more important if you are further compromised with an MPD type illness. I have been having annual Flu Vaccine since 1990 following being diagnosed as Asthmatic. The importance of this has been re-emphasized since my being diagnosed with polycythaemia Vera three years ago.

  • After being diagnosed PV nearly 20 months ago, all medico's without exception advised having the 'flu jab. Suggest be guided by same regarding the pneumonia jab especially if you've been prone to respiritory infections.....

  • My hem strongly advised having the jab, as Florence1961 says, our immune systems are impaired, and have not have any problems.

  • It sounds to me as if you should have the flu jab given that you have been so ill the past two winters, I don't think it is anything to do with your newly diagnosed PV but you do seem prone to chest infections etc., I am surprised your GP hasn't advised you to have the flu and pneumonia jab.

  • Thank you very much for your replies.

    I will definately see my Dr about getting the jabs in the next month.

    So pleased I posted my question.

  • Hi Titatagg, good idea for you to speak to your doctor about this, our advice is that you should be offered the flu/pneumonia vaccinations if you are taking medications for your MPD or other chronic conditions or if you are over 65.

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