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Critical illness Insurance & ET


I’m very stressed... I’ve had to refer my critical illness claim to the Financial Ombudsman as my insurers are still refusing to pay. My Haematologist has written several times to them explaining my condition but their complaints department are still refusing to pay. Has anyone else had the same problems?

It’s causing me sleepless nights now worrying about it, they are making me feel like my condition is not bad enough for them! It’s so stressful, my medication of aspirin & Pegasys is keeping me normal without it I cannot function! I first submitted my claim in January.

I’ve sent them this link showing ET was added as standard in 2006

but they state they don’t come under the ABI as they are a friendly society!! I’m so cross I wouldn’t of taken out the insurance with them 22 years ago if I had known that they don’t come under the ABI I obviously wrongly assumed all insurance did!!

I can only hope for the financial ombudsman to do something 🤞🤞

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This link gives a list of ABI members.

There are some Friendly Societies on there. I can't help thinking that if your insurer is not on the list, and considering their behaviour, they should drop the word 'Friendly' from their name.


Thank you I totally agree they have been very unfriendly since I put my claim in. They didn’t respond for 5 months then I only got a no when I chased them up. My Haematologist has written to the 4 times now, I guess they just don’t want to pay but have been happy taking my money for the past 22 years!

I'm sorry you are experiencing this. This is a worldwide issue with many policies and insurance companies. Hope the ombudsman looks at this in your favour. Please update us after it runs its course. Sending you ehugs (if they are helpful).

Fizzydog in reply to EleanorPV

Thank you very much

I’m sorry to hear you are having these issues. I hope going to the financial ombudsman will get you the money you deserve 🙏🏼

Fizzydog in reply to JojoWonder

Thank you

I would like to strangle them on your behalf (sorry that’s not very generous).

Perhaps consider taking this up with the consumer page editor of one of the national newspapers? (I’ve been out of that business for a while so don’t know who is who these days but those pages still run. And no one likes the publicity.)

Especially if Friendly Societies are on that ABI list it seems a poor excuse. The point is about best and current practice not whether they pay to be a member of an association.

Be strong. Be brave. Worth fighting for. And there may be someone coming up behind you who will be forever thankful to you.

Fizzydog in reply to Ebot

Thank you very much, I’ll wait to see what the financial ombudsman say first, fingers crossed they will help

My husband had a successful claim for critical illness.

We were refused at first but the ABI rebranded the MPD myeloproliferative disorders to MPN meaning myeloproliferative nuroplasms this meaning new growth.

When I quoted the ABI I sent copies of my husband's PV letters etc and within 10 days the money was in our bank.

I hope you get sorted.

It's not an invasive cancer but it continues to regrow .


Fizzydog in reply to tracey13

Thank you for letting me know, I will keep everything crossed x

Hi Fizzy

Just to let you know that I tried to claim in 2014 but my insurance company said it was not covered but tried again this year after seeing people had been successful, mine paid out with a back dated premium no fuss

Fizzydog in reply to Gunner73

Thank you very much for letting me know

Just an update, I’m waiting for my Haematologist to write to my insurance company again with further information they have requested. Fingers crossed once this has been done they will reconsider paying me!! I’ve gone to the Financial Ombudsman too but as yet due to Covid19 I’ve not had someone assigned to my complaint. Thank you for all your support this group is so helpful Claire

Hi good news my critical illness insurance company finally paid me this week! It’s a massive relief after 9 months of going through their complaints procedure

Yay!! Result! Just goes to show how being a squeaky wheel gets the attention.


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