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Critical illness claim - finally got an answer

After initially contacting my insurance companies about my ET I finally received confirmation that they will pay out on the claim

My consultant took 3 months to finally complete the forms they had been sent and my daily calls to her secretary finally paid off when just before Christmas they were finally submitted and to their credit it would appear that the insurance companies came to a decision within 2-3 days!!!

Lessons for us all .... Don't give up

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This is very good news. Would you be able to share some more details please? For example did they cover consultation fees, medication and regular routine treatment? And if you can say which insurance company it was. These answers can provide information for others who may wish to claim or whose claims have failed in the past.

Well done.




Hi MPort

I didn't incur any costs throughout my treatment and the critical illness cover which I had through both Legal & General and Scottish Provident was covered under the reclassified status of ET.

All of this advice was previously indicated on this site some months ago and I'm sure if you search for the "criticall illness" questions / blogs you will find far more advice than I'm am able to give you here in this reply

The main point is that whilst we all have an MPD in its various forms as a forum we have far more answers than we do as individuals

Everyone of us should be encouraged to share our experiences to help others


Could I just ask how badly your daily life is affected by your ET please? I have PV and it is mainly the fatigue which interferes with my work and so far I am only being treated through venesections. Thank you.


Hi aime

Thankfully daily life does not appear to have been affected too much at the moment. Regular hospital appointments at present with daily doses of hydroxyurea and about 6-8 pints of blood through venesection since I was diagnosed in march.

I am very aware that I have ET and look fine on the outside, but as we all know its what's happening that we can't see which is the big issue

Work was stressful upto last year although since i was diagnosed I have made a big effort to take myself out of stressful situations and I believe this has been a big help in my daily life

I have noticed that i get really tired at night now when before this was never a problem

I hope this helps


Hi, yes thank you. I have a policy with Legal and General too but was not sure if they would pay out on the basis it is mainly fatigue that affects my life and my treatment so far has been only through venesections.


Hi aime

I had critical illness policies which is the main reason for the payout

If you search on this site for "insurance" and look for the original post by ourlife on 20 th July you will see a complete run down from a number of people on their own experiences

Hope this answers your question


Hi R8afg, thank you for your reply. Mine is a critical illness policy too but I wasn't sure if they would pay out when I wasn't on chemo drugs and just receiving venesection treatment. Still shattered regardless! Glad you have managed to get payout - I think we deserve it!!


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