Critical illness cover - successful !!!

Hello Everyone

I wrote a post a month ago regarding my CI cover being refused back in April. I appealed the decision as I discovered that my insurance company had paid out previous claims for ET and PV.

I just wanted to update you and say that I received a call on Friday to say that my claim has been successful and I should receive the money in 3-5 days! They have also backdated the interest to April and I will receive a separate cheque for this (Thank you Paul for the tip on that!). It's a huge relief and a weight off my shoulders as I now have financial security for the future whatever that may hold. I can now work part-time which has also been approved so I won't spend my entire weekends sleeping!

Thank you all so very much for your helpful information, support and advice regarding this. I can't thank you enough.

Best wishes


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  • Thats great news...well done :)

  • Thank you Paul. And thank you so much for all the information you provided.

    I'm chuffed to bits! :)

  • That's fantastic news. I had critical illness cover before I was diagnosed, but I am 90% sure I had this condition for many years before and by the time I was finally diagnosed my mortgage was paid off. So good luck to anyone else who can now maybe get financial security. We have enough to deal with without the worry of security.

    Now is the time to take things at a bit of a slower pace Angela and have a stress free Christmas. x


  • Thank you Anne. Congratulations to you too.

    I can't tell you how much of a relief it is. If it wasn't for this forum, the information provided and support, I would not have appealed when they denied my claim back in April this year.

    The insurance was with my employer. I thought I had my own personal CI cover running alongside my mortgage, but I don't. I won't be paying my mortgage off as I'm selling my house next year anyway. I'm more excited about working part time than I am about the money! It's reassuring to know that I won't have any worries about the future.

    I may even have a little "splurge" on myself to celebrate!

    Best wishes

    Angela x

  • Hi Angela

    Congratulations, really happy you have been successful with your claim. I am curious though, purely on a personal level. You say you had CI cover through your employer, did you pay for that or was it employers permanent disability insurance?

    Best Wishes :)

  • Hello Mallard

    Thank you.

    The Critical illness cover I have is part of our benefit package at work. The policy is only for CI claims. I don't pay for it, my firm does. It's not a disability insurance, just Critical Illness. We also have other separate insurances that are all paid for by my firm.

    Kind regards


  • Congratulations, it is certainly one less thing to worry about.

  • Thank you so much Ruby.

    It was your original post 3 or 4 years ago that prompted me to appeal, thanks to your ABI information, I was successful. I was given some very helpful advice from this forum and I'm so touched. And to think, had I not joined, I would have been none the wiser and my insurance company would have kept the money I was entitled to!

    Best wishes


  • Congratulations!!!

  • Thank you Yasmin x

  • Good news, a great relief for you, and an inspiration for others who want to claim.

  • Thank you Lizzie. Yet it is, finally I can reduce my days at work and not have to worry about the financial aspect of it.

  • That's great news. Enjoy working part time, I'm sure it will make a huge difference to you.

  • It certainly least I won't spend every weekend sleeping!

    Best wishes


  • Thats great news Angela. I got a similar call last week for my critical illness claim for MF. They rang me and said they would be paying it but also they are back dating it to when I was diagnosed with ET. it's such a relief as I'm looking at SCT sometime next year. (No donor yet) So glad I took out the policy now.

    Enjoy your time off.


  • Thank you and congratulations to you too.

    Because mine is a work policy and one lump sum of 2x my annual salary, they backdated the interest to April this year as that's when they denied my first claim. A little annoying as I've had a pay rise since then, so they have to pay from the salary I was on when first diagnosed.

    All the very best with your SCT and I hope you find a donor soon.

    Take care


  • Well done, so glad life will be easier for you now. When the weather improves have some nice walks - it's relaxing and takes your mind off our MPNs.

  • Thank you Nivana

    I do a lot of walking and used to power walk but I can't get very far with that now as I'm out of breath too much! Hopefully life will start to take a better turn.

    Best wishes


  • Really pleased for you , well done.

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