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Critical illness claim


Hi, all

Just wanted to say a massive thank you, to all of you that have posted on here regarding claiming on their critical illness insurance. After reading a post on here, I rang my insurance company, legal & general, and after 5 weeks I have just received confirmation that my claim has been successful 😁. I was diagnosed with ET in 2016. My premiums were also back dated from the date I was diagnosed. So thank you 🙏

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Brilliant news. Congratulations.

I do wish it wasn’t such a struggle to claim CI and that insurers weren’t such dinosaurs when it comes to the relevant guidance.

The pay outs can make such a significant difference to MPNers lives and those of their family. Not least in alleviating stresses about finances - on top of all the other stresses that can come with the MPN package!

Hi there, were there any issues with the timescale in which you made the claim (usually it’s 3-12 months from diagnosis that you must make a claim), did they question why you left it so long after diagnosis? Best wishes x

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Hi Rinty

No I had no problem at all, I explained to them that I didn’t think I would be eligible to claim when I was first diagnosed, but after reading other people’s success on this forum I realised I might be entitled to claim. The lady that delt with my case was brilliant, she explained everything and was very helpful.

I urge anyone who has critical illness cover to give their insurance company a ring and ask if the policy covers MPN’s. I did and I was successful in my claim. It’s definitely took the pressure off for me.

Good luck !

Best wishes x

Who was your insurance with? I have been diagnosed 1 year ago and I am looking into claiming to my insurance Friends Life. Thank you so much. Erica

Hi Erica

My insurance company was Legal and General. They were amazing.

Please look into claiming, hopefully your insurance will cover you. Good luck x

Hello, I’ve just read about your success with legal and general and I’m going through the process with Aviva and I’m anxious. I was diagnosed with ET JAK2 positive in Feb. Did it take long to be contacted when they received your medical report and did they question it as a cancer thanks

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I’m going through process now with Aviva after being diagnosed with ET after 18 months of investigation

We’re you successful

Stay healthy 👍

Hi Iregray

The whole process took about 6 weeks, from when I rang, to getting the money transferred. I was asked a few general questions, but I wasn’t questioned about it being cancer. They were very helpful. I hope you are successful in your claim. Good luck 🤞🏻

Sue x

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