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Painful teeth



I was diagnosed with ET Jak2+ last October. I started Hydroxycarbamide in December 500mg weekdays and 1000mg sat and sun. I also take aspirin and have been taking citalopram 20mg since last August. I have now finished the citalopram.

Since January I have developed very painful teeth. I now and again have sore mouth and ulcers but my teeth constantly hurt. I have been back and forth to the dentist who has recommended change in diet and prescription toothpaste. I have a mouth guard as grinding teeth due to pain. I have small fracture in some of teeth now and struggling to chew. I've had perfect teeth for 30 yrs had no treatment just check ups. My teeth also are going brown.

I've discussed with blood nurse numerous times but she doubts it to do with medication as not known side effect.

Has anyone else had issues with teeth?

Many thanks


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if the med drys your mouth out, it can cause lots of issues with your teeth....does it do that?

Hi there, my husband and I work in the dental world , but I have myself not had any problems yet. I have taken Hydrea for 10 years now. Sjñgrens syndrome , as is referred to( rebeccalub), makes your mouth go very dry, but there are chewing gums and mouth rinse et cetera to help with that.

I have very similar things happen to me after a couple of years on hydroxy . My dentist sees me more regularly than some of my friends . I don’t have a dry mouth , gum disease or decay . Bleeding gums persist & my teeth have become discoloured . At one of the MPN conferences I recall that many people had assorted random issues with teeth since hydroxy . Hope things settle for you soon . Annie


I have been using a Forever Living Aloe Toothpaste. I had quite nasty mouth ulcers. Since using this toothpaste and an electric toothbrush no problems no ulcers. Might help. Judy.

Hi. I too have some painful teeth but not often & it’s mild. But I clench my teeth at night and now that I’m on on hydroxyurea I believe I’ll get a bite guard from dentist to prevent this. I never had the pain before HU. Good luck. Katie.

Just a thought but if I miss my lansoprazole for a few days my whole month and teeth hurt because of acids coming up It goes as soon as I take one, might not be but I went for years with chest pains and alot of hurting teeth and gums and it was acid reflux...

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