Sry but don't recall. how to directly write to Maz. I'm hoping you can give us some answers about our gums and teeth. So many responded to a recent post that they also have sore gums, chipped & broken teeth as a result of HU. One person said her dentist told her HU is hard on teeth. What can we do Maz to protect our gums & teeth to prevent this? Thanks. Katie

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  • Hi Katie, advice is that you should visit your dentist (if possible) before you start taking Hydroxycarbamide to make sure that your gums and teeth are healthy, and your dentist can then advise you on good oral hygiene.

    You should also avoid things that are bad for teeth and gums, like smoking, sugary drinks etc. And you should also visit your dentist regularly and make sure that you take their advice on brushing properly and flossing properly and good oral hygiene.

    A common side effect of Hydroxycarbamide affecting approximately one person in 100 up to one person in 10 (1-10%) is reduced platelets, if your platelet count drops too low you may experience bleeding gums when you clean your teeth, so if you do experience this and your dentist has checked for gum disease, you must talk to your haematologist about it.

    I hope this helps. Maz

  • Thanks Maz for the info. Did you see how many people said they have loose or chipped or broken teeth?

    I asked my dentist; her recommendations I already follow: no teeth whitening tooth paste or mouth wash & only non alcohol mouth wash with fluoride. I already use a prescription enamel protector tooth paste at bedtime. The only other thing I saw was that Mayo Clinic (in U.S.) suggests running warm water over your soft toothbrush to soften it even further; which it works & I suspect will reduces damage to teeth & gums. But I do not want to lose or get chipped teeth.


  • Hi Katie, you are very welcome. It does seem that a few people are having problems, which is a shame. I am paranoid about my teeth, dread them chipping or coming out, so I make sure I look after them and my dentist is really good.

    Don't want to be singing "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth"!!!!

    Maz x

  • Hi, Just saw dr. yesterday. His nurse said to mix 16 oz water with 1teaspoon each of salt & baking soda. Use this to rinse mouth and gargle 2-3 times daily. Can keep it two days before making up another batch. She says it changes the ph or something in your mouth back to what it should be. But I have found that running my already soft style toothbrush under warm water before brushing makes it gently and presumably less abrasive. Let's hope that our Christmas list never needs teeth on it. Katie

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