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6th monthly blood test

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Hi all fellow ET followers

I have just received my blood results. I was very happy to see my platelets have come down slightly to 620 from 667, only small but better than up. Also my muscle enzymes LDH has also decreased! considering this test has been trending up since diagnosis 2 years ago. still pretty high at 784 but at least it has come down from 829.

My question is has anyone heard of Poikilocytosis , predominantly elliptocytes. It states it is only mild.

Still just sitting on good old aspirin!!! keeping well with nil symptoms of this crazy disease!!

Very proud of myself I have just completed 100,000 steps this past week!!


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Go Lynn!!!! Sounds as if everything is going in the right direction, DOWN. Keep doing your steps all helps.


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Thanks Jean, you and Mary have been such great support since I was first diagnosis. thank you. Amazing you are both the other side of the world. There is not a lot of support here in NZ. Even Australia have conferences. Lyn xx

Good results again Lyn, don’t know anything about the condition you mentioned though....sorry. Hope someone else can help.

Mary x

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Thanks Mary, it sounds quite odd. I have gone to Mr Google which stated the red bloods cells are an odd shape! not able to carry oxygen sufficiently around the body. I have an appointment with my Haem soon so will ask him. I wondered if it was all the exercise and weight training was helping?? Lyn xx

Thanks Lyn, keep us updated. Xx

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