will imagine im here !

will imagine im here !

Just realised before Lisa wedding. i have my glaucomma check Aug 8th , Gp 19th blood pressure ,osteoporosis scan 23rd , yearly Heart Echo 31st ( results Sept1st ) then start HU 28th sept still waiting for hearing test , bit like an m o t being done haha this all started mainly after age 59 all me bits wearing out at once grr but hey ho at least im alive and kicking to a point! im aiming for a full social life in my diary for 2017 Thank you all so much for helping me past year love Holly x

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  • Hope all those appointments go well Holly .Know what you mean about falling apart after 59 lol but yes enjoy the Wedding and look forward to that social life xx

  • Thanks Helen , im beginning to laugh about them all coming at once these tests bit like buses ! haha not that i never get on a bus ,hope your keeping well and getting out and about alot all the best Holly x

  • Ay up Holly , , sounds like starting HU will be the icing on the wedding cake. . Gee you have much to occupy you before the happy event. , I'm sure all will be well with your MOT and you can boogie away confident you won't blow a gasket. , , lovely tropical pic, looks like paradise. Chris x

  • Haha Yes you could say that Chris ! I like looking at lovely beaches , but cant go there ,i dont like flying haha i lived in Boutnemouth for a while in my teens so places like that in uk have to be best i can visit ! No worries about me blowing a gasket well i hope not anyway me knees are a bit dodgy of late too take care mr jedi you have all them forces behind you eh Holly x

  • Yes Holly you could say my Force has awakened. . OKLike you I'm not tip top but we need to face up to things as they are, make adjustments, and crack on best we can manage. . Avoiding the Dark Side which can swallow us up. . . C x

  • You and me and all!!!

    Wishing you well.

  • Thanks .. light you too 👍

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