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saw emergency Gp today re stomach issues ,


I have never seen this Gp before he is chinese lovely guy got all the mannerism of Alan Carr to look at too!

He asked me lots questions and gave me cyclizine for my nausea ,and upped my soe of Lanzoprolol for 2 weeks , He said he will chase up my ultra scan which will check on my ovaries , to rule out cancer being my age etc .he then sent me to hospital to have lots different blood tests done So yes he was very thourgh with me he said it coukd be since you HU gone up and that for me that can be high dose , but shoukd wear off in time the side affects , Gosh it seems one thing after the other at the minute ..regards Holly happy new year every one ,hooe its all psitive for us all

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Glad you got that appointment Holly and hope it can all be sorted for you xx

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yes thank you Helen also had a call from local private clinic take NHS i have scan Tommorrow afternoon fast for 4 hour and pint water in bladder .. cant wait ! Hope your okay best wishes Holly

It sounds like you have an excellent GP service Holly. Good Luck with everything.

Mary x


Thanks Mary yes do hope they dont find anything untoward wrong ,, x

When you have the scan lie back and think of England 😜 Had two done they are OK amazing what they can see, other than that you can always ask for a CA 125 blood test they are just as good to tell if there are abnormalities well worth having both done puts your mind at rest.

You have a really good GP service by the sounds of it.

Hope all goes well.

Jean x


Hi Jean, yes that test was included on my blood test form this afternoon im

lucky with the care im recieving so yes.Yes good ol England .. very cold here at the minute frost and fog ! brr best wishes Holly

Hope you get it all sorted out. It seems like once you get one symptom under control another pops up. Feel better soon

Good luck Holly, hope you get somethings sorted. Karen x

Good luck holly x hope you get sorted xx

Poor you, sounds like you have had nothing but trouble since starting HU! Hope they can find something more suitable for you Holly. I think I will just stick to my aspirin. Good luck Lyn

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