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Bruised but not dented

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Hi my MPN friends, just thought I would let you see one of many bruises from a silly accident I had at the weekend. Climbed onto a garden bench to try to see which one of my cats was having a dust up with female cat next door, to only come too on the ground where I had face planted the patio, must of flipped over the bench arm rest, twisted and as I say hit the ground hard, called hubby but he could not see where I was, lucky for me he eventually realised I had fallen between a rose arch, taking with me a very large flower display pot which had landed on my back. Well ambulance was called and because of my ET and my Alert card duly showed, they took me very quickly to AE where I was put in a side room to have lots of tests done from X-rays, Cat Scan with iodine on my kneck and head, ECG, blood tests on platelets to make sure that I had not had a stroke, and lots of other funny tests, six hours I was there for but they were truly thorough. I now have a very black eye, a broken bone in my hand, and covered in lots of bruising, my knees also have taken a bashing too lovely shades of green and black, even where I have had A total knee replacement it’s a lovely shade. Thought I would share with you folks, to put a smile on yours faces, if only to say stupid woman let the cats fight and DON’T go climbing benches at your age.

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease!!!!🤪

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Ouch! Looks sore!

Get hubby to look after you until you recover, and let the cats fight!


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Superwoman in reply to piggie50

That’s all well and good, but he is now calling me Rocky, wonder why 🥊

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Tico in reply to Superwoman

Hi superwoman,very ironic name considering how u look at the moment!lol. Hope u have a speedy recovery & ave no long term effect from ur mishap. Being a cat lover myself & owing 2,sox &diesel,must ask if the cats got away unscathed? Lol. Atb,tico

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Superwoman in reply to Tico

No Milo had to be taken to the vets today as not to good. Not sure if it was the heat or the fight that’s made him a little poorly, hopefully he will recover soon, so one poorly pussycat, and one very bruised Jean.

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Tico in reply to Superwoman

Hoping both u & milo a speedy recovery then! The things we do 2 protect our cats,must say i've ad a few trips over mine 2! Wud not be without mine. Atb, tico.

How quick these things can happen!

Good to know that you were well looked after.


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Superwoman in reply to mhos61

Yep split second, won’t be doing that again

Ouch!! That looks painful. There but for the grace of God go so many of us. It's so easy to forget that we cannot still do the things that we used to take for granted. Take care and I hope you are soon on the mend.


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Superwoman in reply to Ovingite

Getting better by the day, although bruises are giving me a bit of bother so rubbing arnica in which helps, and a lot of iceing. Got to go back to the fracture clinic next month, so just hoping that the hand is going to heal as well. But I suppose the older I get you don’t heal as easily.

So sorry to hear of your nasty fall & injuries. Just wondering if your doctor says it’s ok to use arnica & how often. I believe it can affect blood thinning but not certain. So many topical things get absorbed into our blood system we have to be careful. I encourage you to ask your doctor if you haven’t already. Hope all of you heels quickly & thoroughly. Katie

Crumbs, did not think of that, it certainly has brought the bruising out though. Thanks for that will look into it.

Jean x

Ouch or Owee as my grandkids would say! You need spoiling now as Judy says and let the cats fight! Take care, feet up, box of chocolates, glass in hand. Kindest regards Aime xx🙀🙀

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Superwoman in reply to Aime

My grandchildren say, “oh Nonna’s got a big black ouchy on her face, they think it’s great. NOT!!

Hi it must have given you a shock to come round in the rose bush hope you feel better soon best wishes Poppy

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Superwoman in reply to Poppy6060

Yep, my husband said that I kept apologising to the flower pot for what I had done to it, why I do not know, at least the rose bush survived. Going to let my cats from now on fight it out 😼😿

Oophs. Tis I done It again.

I think it is a wee pick me up you now need.

Name your poision?????

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Superwoman in reply to Roger41

I did that evening, had a glass of wine, helped me sleep I must say.

Ouch, you poor thing! Hope you mend very quickly. You have made my mind up, I will not be climbing to the top of my big stepladder to clean out my guttering as I usually do.

Now, where to find a man who will?

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Superwoman in reply to Mica11

Yes done that as well, also fallen from a ladder, managed to spill paint all over me as well, so you think I would of learnt my lesson by now, but it was that split second I just forgot myself.

I can only suggest your local yellow pages, or go on line and google local tradesmen for a man that will !!! and get a few quotes.

Jean x

You poor thing. I feel for you. I went A over T six weeks back in a shopping centre car park. I’d like to say it involved a rose arch, a flower pot and two fighting cats. Sadly i tripped over my own two feet. Seriously pathetic. In my mind’s eye I stumbled, did a double somersault, landed on my toes and sauntered on. In reality one by one I smacked most bits of my anatomy into the paving slabs. While a bunch of hipsters surveyed the situation with a look of withering pity behind their beards. ‘There goes another one’. My life flashed before me - my future life that is. Deeply disturbing!

I wish you better. Apologising to garden ornamentation seems to be a theme on this Forum.

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Superwoman in reply to Ebot

Ouch bet that hurt,!!

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Ebot in reply to Superwoman

In more ways than one. 🤣🤣

That looks very sore. So easy to lose your balance though.

Hope you feel better soon but glad to hear you love your car so much.

Love my two moggies to bits, Smithy and Milo, and do worry when they fight, as Smithy got septic Perontonitus ( not sure if that is how you spell it) and that was from a fight wound and he nearly died, had to spend a few weeks at the animal health hospital in Kent, so yes I do worry about them. But going to be more mindful to not climb benches anymore, they will have to get on with it.


Oh yes,that is typical of us ,we think we are invincible,lesson learned!!!I did similar7yrs ago ,determined to be normal,I checked my horses from a high bank,leaned too far,fell 9 metres ,into a tree...broke arm ,shoulder,knee,knocked out....hubby couldn't find me. !!!!!! Rest up and get well soon and no 'superwoman' antics.Sally

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Superwoman in reply to Inca

Crikey, sounded bad, did you take a long time to recover? I know what you mean about being invincible that’s me to a tee. But a lesson was learned last week, won’t do that again, plus I think I need to slow down and think before I leap. 🤔

Hi. I wrote you a lengthy message but did it as a reply to one of your replies to someone else. You’ll find it above. Sorry for the confusion. Katie

Ouch my twisted knee from skiing now seems quite minor in comparison 😂 A broken hand is extremely inconvenient I had 3 broken bones in mine a few years back, hope it's the one you don't use for everything! Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Superwoman in reply to Wentry

Well Wendy, know what that’s like a twisted knee I also managed to do that as well when I was younger very painful, went on to have a total knee replacement a few years ago now, thought I had done more damage to it, but just bruising around the knee, it is the other one that more painful at the moment, and just hoping that it is all Just bruising, rubbing Arnica on the bruises. And it is my left hand, so can still carry on.

Jean x

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Wentry in reply to Superwoman

Yes my daughter who is training to be a physio says I'll end up with osteoarthritis in that knee and need a knee replacement at some point as I've already had surgery on it twice 😂Once for torn cartilage that wouldn't heal with physio, then I got a septic arthritis bug in it from that first operation as I seem to have a bleeding problem after surgery even though my platelets aren't way high, and needed a second operation a year later to clean it out. 15 months later I had got it to a good strong (not completely pain free though) state where I could do just about anything with it, it felt so good when I was skiing that morning, not a twinge, then I fell and did this to the same knee coincidentally when the ski didn't come off! I'm gutted ☹️ I hope yours is just bruising, keep with the arnica, I use that too but will check if there is a contraindication that someone mentioned in comments on your post.

It was my left hand too luckily, however, given that I work in IT it was extremely hard using the keyboard, it was so sore and swollen I couldn't use any fingers or even my thumb on that hand, I was very slow for a few weeks 😂

Look after yourself, hope it's mostly bruises that heal soon, and no dangerous climbing activities without a secured climbing harness from now on 😘😁

Wendy x

Hi Jean , I must say as shiners go yours is a bobby dazzler and boy does it look sore. I hope you're soon healed but in the meantime if you're out don't be surprised if you get a few disparaging looks as folk are quick to jump to the wrong conclusions where black eyes are concerned. My ex wife had one once after a fall and the looks I got when we were out.

Take care - Chris

Hi Chris, lovely to hear from you, how are you doing these days, has the heat been a problem for you? Or are you able to cope.

Funny thing is that Barry has taken some stick over my black eye, he does not mind sees the funny side to it all, as then he points out all the other bruises, and the hand in a splint, but they give me a strange look of pity, he is now calling me Rocky, haha!! Feel that I have gone ten rounds 🥊 aches and pains all over, heyho will not do again, I have learnt my lesson big time.

Jean x

I'm doing fine Thank You Jean. The heat has taken a little wind from my sail but the feel good factor of some lovely sunshine compensates. Like the rest of us I need to be careful not to over expose as the steroids have left my skin paper thin in parts.

Remember to stay firmly rooted to terra firma in future, the more firma the less terra. x

Ha ha, yep from now on two feet are going to stay firmly planted. Like you I have refrained from going into the sunshine at the hottest time of day, and only mowed my lawn and tended the garden when it has cooled down, usually early evening, used to love the sunshine but am so aware of what the sun can do when on Hydroxy, at least today we have a bit of a breeze, just how I like it.

Take care of yourself Chris.

Jean x

Oh dear, maybe not superwoman after all.

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Superwoman in reply to MCW22

That’s the trouble, still think that I am 21 but my body is telling me otherwise, in fact I turn 69 next week 😜 so I should know better, but I enjoy life to the fall and carry on regardless, it’s my family that nicknamed me Superwoman so it stuck, hence my tag, so hopefully once bruises and breaks heal I will be back to my old self, doing all my usual activities.🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️


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MCW22 in reply to Superwoman

Ha ha, I'm guessing enjoying life to the 'fall' was a typo error although rather apt in the circumstances. My family nicknamed me 'dumbnanny'. Make what you like about that.


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Superwoman in reply to MCW22

Oh that’s not nice 😟 I am sure that you are not, it’s properly just another way of showing their love for you. It’s like my husband has been named by the grandkids “GOM” short for grumpy old man, he was quite happy with until I put a sign up in my porch that said, Here lives a lovely lady, with a grumpy old man, he was not impressed. 😤🤨


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MCW22 in reply to Superwoman

The story behind the nickname is my 2 youngest children are Gemma and James. When one of my grandchildren was learning to talk he couldn't say Gemma, it came out dummer. Then he was confused as to who was who so he was calling them both dummer. They became known as dumb and dummer, then it evolved into dumb boy and dumb girl and so I then became dumb nanny. For Christmas we were each given monogrammed towels

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Superwoman in reply to MCW22

Oh that’s brilliant

I can sympathise. I came off the bottom rung of the ladder, thinking I was already at ground level. What a mess that made -but I think it was my pride as much as anything which took a battering! Get well soon!

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Superwoman in reply to Bluetop

Thanks, I must admit a week later and I still feel stiff and very bruised, so hopeing that this week see’s me starting to improve.


I hope your feeling better soon. Nice that you are keeping a sense of humour about it.

I was wondering what the alert card is that you mentioned. Is that something you present when going into hospital?

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Superwoman in reply to BloodZero

Hi, the alert card was given to me when I was first diagnosed with my ET along with my patient held record card that details my bloods every four months, also my hospital No: this was five and half years ago now, it tells the doctor or hospital that this patient is receiving Chemotherapy and what bloods to do, urine, culture, X-rays and if needed treatment with a broad spectrum intravenous antibiotics and if there is any problems to alert my Cancer Nurse, who are also named on the card, and a list of the other drugs I take, just saves time, also enables me to not have to sit with lots of other people that also could be unwell, as our immune systems can be a bit compromised at times. Well worth having, carry it with me at all times. Bit like people who are on Warfrin.

Yep you do have to keep a sense of humour 🤪 which in a Way helps you get through most things.


Quite a shiner! Just tell people you have taken upboxing and you should see the state of Nicola Adams! Hope you recover well.

Lizzie x

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Superwoman in reply to lizzziep

Haha, that is what I have been telling my friends 🥊

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