Great North Run for MPN Voice - Update

Great North Run for MPN Voice - Update

Hello - here is my latest update. I have managed two 7 mile runs this week which I am pleased with as I have backed off training in the last couple of weeks due to having my bone marrow biopsy 11 days ago (really do NOT like those) and a tooth extraction this last week. All being well, I should be back up to 4 training sessions a week again from now on.

Have signed up for Darlington 10km which is in 4 weeks time and the South Shields 10 Mile race a week after, hopefully these will help towards the Great North run which is 9 weeks away now.

Any donations that you can manage would be gratefully accepted - please visit my Just Giving page on the link below

Thank you very much :-)

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  • Hi Chrissie. . What can one say about your training and the runs you are doing. Impressive. Especially after your biopsy as I know how they affect me and like you I really don't like them. The very best of luck for your challenges ahead not that I think you need it coz you look in great shape there. Chris

  • Hi Jedi, Thank you so much for your kind words :-) I just hope that I can raise as much as I can for MPN Voice.

  • I'm sure you will do well. . I promised to sponsor Phelpsy but will try to support your effort if I have any spare shekels nearer the time. . Cheers Chris

  • You are looking amazing! You should be as proud of yourself as we all are here xx

  • Hi Jilly, Thank you - I am getting there and yes, I am proud of where I have got to so far. Will keep plugging away at the training. I will not be quick, but determined to get to the end :-)

  • Hi Chrissie, amazing, you are doing so well, especially running after a BMB and having a tooth out, you are brilliant and thank you so much for doing all of this in support of MPN Voice. Best wishes, Maz

  • Thank you for your support Maz :-)

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