Running the Great North Run for MPN Voice

Good evening all,

I am another of the loonies running the GNRun for MPN Voice.  I feel privileged to be chosen and will try my hardest to get as much sponsorship as possible for this wonderful charity.  I was told that I had secondary Polycythaemia about 3 years ago, then was discharged and told I had nothing wrong with me.  I have given up smoking (2.5 years ago) lost over 2 stone in weight and have got a lot fitter, so was really frustrated to find HB and HCT had gone back up in Feb this year.  Now seeing a new consultant who specialises in Red blood cell problems and she is starting the whole testing process again from the beginning.  So far not been too bad, but got a Vertigo attack last week which is not pleasant at all.  Starting to pick up the running training in preparation for this great race.   I will be posting again soon with updates and with my sponsorship link (once I have got it all set up) and I hope that some of you wonderful people may be able to spare a little towards my target.


Chrissie :-)

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  • Hi Chrissie, you are amazing, thank you so much for raising funds for us, good luck and very best wishes, Maz 

  • Good Luck Chrissie. I'm in the U.S.  How would I donate?

  • Hello Katie, Thank you. The link to my donation page is below, you should be able to just click on their.

    Kind regards

    Chrissie x

  • I just donated!  Thanks so much for giving yourself to this wonderful forum.  I haven't found anything else as good as this forum. 

  • Katie, wwwwoooowwww Thank you soo much for your generosity.  You are just brilliant. 

    Kindest regards 

    Chrissie xx :-)

  • I hadn't  donated to MPNVoice yet and I  rely on all of you on the forum and Maz for so much.  When I first joined she sent written materials to me in the U.S. that didn't exist here.  And you all welcomed me so warmly.  So your generosity in running to raise money was the perfect way for me to give back for all I receive. Katie

  • Good on you.  As soon as you post your sponsorship details you will get my money.  Good luck with the training xx

  • Hello Jilly,

    I have got my donation page set up and the link is below.  Thank you for your support :-)

    Kind regards

    Chrissie x

  • I have now got my donation page set up, so if any one feels that they could donate a little, I would be extremely grateful.  Just click on the link below.

    Thank you in advance

    Chrissie x

  • Way to go Chrissie, donation made, good luck.  Hubby has done the GNR a few times and he sends this advice.  Hold back for the last leg of the run.  He says there is a big bend at the end and that final leg is a bugger.  It doesn't help when everyone is sitting outside the pub drinking cold beer!  Will be willling you on luv, good luck xxxx

  • Hi Jilly

    Thank you so much for the donation, I really do appreciate it :-) xxx

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