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MPN Voice is delighted to advertise that our new MPN Voice face masks are now available to buy.

Hopefully shielding will soon be over and we will feel more confident going outside and meeting family and friends, it has been such a long time! But we will all have to continue being vigilant as we slowly move into the new normal and of course wearing a face mask will continue to be part of our daily lives, within government guidance, so what better way to keep safe, promote awareness of MPN Voice and fundraise at the same time, so that MPN Voice can continue, during these challenging times, to support our MPN Voice community, fund research and trials so that one day, we will Find The Cure.

Our MPN Voice mask, as you can see in the photos is fun and stylish. Each mask costs £8.50 and post and packing within the UK is £2.50 per order. We are happy to post outside the UK and will confirm postage price on request.

Here are a few important details about our MPN Voice mask, but please if you have any further questions, contact Marilyn at

Description of Mask

Our adult mask has three layers: outer layers of poly spandex with cotton middle layer. This mask is worn by attaching the elastic loops behind the ears.

Mask sizing: Height 6.5” / 16.5cm Width edge to edge 10.5” / 25.4cm

Are these medical masks?

The MPN Voice mask is not a medical mask or classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is not a substitute for following government guidance regarding social distancing, frequent hand washing, not touching your face and using hand sanitizer. MPN Voice makes no claims about the medical benefits of using this product.

Do you have any advice on mask wearing?

We recommend you consult World Health Organization guidance on how to wear and remove a non-medical fabric mask safely.

Can I return the mask for a refund?

We hope you will be very happy with your mask. Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns, but if you aren’t happy, please contact to discuss.

Order, Payment and Delivery

To order your MPN Voice mask, please email Marilyn at with the following details:

•How many masks you want to buy

•Address for delivery

Payment: A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to pay online using the MPN Voice online donation facility, using a debit/credit card and PayPal.

Delivery: Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

We hope you will enjoy wearing your MPN Voice mask. With your help, we can continue raising awareness of our rare blood cancers, support our MPN Voice community and fund research, so that one day we will FIND THE CURE.

Thank you from the Fundraising Team

8 Replies

Hi Maz, how much, if any, goes to funding?

MazcdAdministrator in reply to Bridie123

hello Bridie123, all the cost of the mask, £8.50, goes towards MPN Voice funding as a very kind and generous supporter and member of the fundraising team paid for the masks, so that MPN Voice could have the benefit of all the funds raised. Best wishes, Maz

Bridie123 in reply to Mazcd

That's good, thank you, I will be looking to order one then☺

MazcdAdministrator in reply to Bridie123

Thank you Bridie, we appreciate your support. Best wishes, Maz

Minu68 in reply to Mazcd

Uh wow!!! Please pass a huge thank you to the person that paid for all the masks!!!

MazcdAdministrator in reply to Minu68

Hi Minu68, yes of course I will. Maz

Ordered mine! Thank you so much, MPN Voice! 🧡

MazcdAdministrator in reply to LucyGeering

thank you Lucy for your support. Maz x

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