Great North Run - Week to go :-)

Great North Run - Week to go :-)

Well it is all getting very close now, week tomorrow and it is the big day. I have done all I can now and will do my best to enjoy the day :-) Really looking forward to meeting the other runners from MPN, hopefully we will be able to pick each other out of the many thousands that will be there. A big thank you to those who have sponsored me and there is still time for those who haven't got round to it yet ;-) If you could spare any amount, it would be very gratefully received by MPN Voice Thank you - Chrissie :-) xx

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  • Go Chrissie your doing grand X

    I managed a 3 mile run this mornings can't manage a lot more , but I will power on over that line X

    I will lookout for you x

    Huge Good luck & see you at the finish Line

    Xx πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸ…πŸ’—πŸ…

  • Aww Thank you - and to you too, we will do it :-) xx

  • Wishing you the Best of Best Luck Chrissie,you and Pam,great girls,keep well and fit this week coming!

  • Thank you Inca :-)

  • Good luck! :)

  • Thank you Mark :-)

  • All the best


  • Thank you Mary :-)

  • Sure you'll put a dazzling performance in esp with that footwear Chrissie. . . Go get em and make us proud. . Chris

  • Thank you so much for the donation Jedi, it is very much appreciated :-)

  • Tis my pleasure. Only wish could afford more Chrissie, but as I said I already promised Pam also and my income limited I'm afraid. You both deserve the monetary support to spur you on in this challenge so I would urge others in our Forum that it's not too late to make a contribution no matter what amount.

    Cheers Chris πŸ™Œ

  • Good luck for Sunday xxx

  • Thank you Chrissie :-)

  • Good luck Chrissie, as I said to Pam, get in Mo Farah's slipstream and you'll fly around!

    Thanks for all you are doing for MPN's

    Judy xx

  • Hi Judy, Thank you so much for your donation, I really do appreciate that :-) I doubt I will even see Mo to be able to even try getting in his slipstream, but will have a go if I get anywhere near him ;-) Chrissie xx

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