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MPN Voice April Fundraising Update

April is a very exciting month for MPN Voice. Not only have we got people running for MPN Voice this month, we’ve also got a young lady throwing herself out of an aeroplane! Read more about this later!

Please remember to keep checking the website for up to date, off the press information.

You will be able to read about so many fantastic events that our MPN Voice supporters have organised themselves on the MPN Voice Fundraising Heroes Page. We have also had so many wonderful MPN Voice supporters sign themselves up to the various events run by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, fundraising for MPN Voice.

Those April showers have certainly cooled our Virgin London Marathon runners down when they have been out training. So many miles have been run over the last 9 months pounding the streets and tracks, training for the London Marathon as one of the MPN Voice London Marathon Running Team, all this amazing dedication, effort and pain to support MPN Voice.

Our runners are ready and now can’t wait for the klaxon to start their amazing experience, being part of the London Marathon 2016 for MPN Voice.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of MPN Voice and all the MPN Voice Community, to wish our runners all the very best for an amazing time, living their dream of running in the London Marathon. Thank you for your commitment and all the hours of training. Please may we also thank all your family and friends for all their amazing fundraising!

So when you are looking at the television or shouting on the streets of London, please look out for Helen Bass, Samuel Beevor and Trevor Buckley in their MPN Voice Running Vests and give them an extra cheer. Sadly, James White has had to pull out due to a knee injury.

If you would like to support our MPN Voice Virgin London Marathon Runners, you can find more details about them on our MPN Voice website. Please go to the Fundraising Heroes Page

Janet Wilson – Reading Half Marathon 3rd April

Janet’s mum was diagnosed with an MPN about 2 years ago. Janet and her family decided to do some fundraising for MPN Voice, which has given great support to her mum. So last weekend Janet took part in the Reading Half Marathon. Janet has sent us some photos so you will be able to see them shortly on the MPN Voice Fundraising Heroes Page.

If you would like to support Janet, you still can, please email

Sarah Tattersall – Skydive Dubai on 28th April

Sarah’s dad has an MPN and what better way to support him than to follow in his footsteps!! Mind you, Sarah’s dad parachuted 40 years ago from a much older aircraft in a much less exotic location!!

The view across The Palm in Dubai will be amazing. It’s the 14,000 feet high bit that maybe is a bit scary. Sarah will be wearing her MPN Voice T-shirt flying through the beautiful blue sky of Dubai, raising funds for MPN Voice, so that we can continue funding research.

We can’t wait for the photos, they will be fantastic. Good Luck Sarah.

If you would like to support Sarah, please go to her Just Giving Page at

Everyone at MPN Voice would like to say a huge Thank You to the MPN Voice Community for all your wonderful support.

You Are Amazing

The Fundraising Team

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I know it's a month yesterday's sun was a small article about a woman from Cheshire who's doing the great Manchester run in may to raise money and awareness for prv.


Hello Ian, thanks for letting me know, we will check it out.  Best wishes, Maz 


hello again Ian, I have tried to locate the article online but can't find it, could you maybe scan the article and email it to me at, thanks Maz


My niece is also running in Manchester to raise money and awareness of MPN. She has publicised it on Facebook and in her words is coming from couch potato to running fitness in aid of MPNVoice. I so admire all these selfless people who, although they benefit themselves through improved health, are willing to put themselves through all the training to help other people. I'd be doing well to run to my own front door from inside the house so my admira is immense!


hello Beetle, I too admire our fantastic fundraisers who are running to support us, I think they are wonderful, has your niece been in touch with Marilyn our fundraising co-ordinator, we can tell the MPN Community about her fantastic support, if you email with the details we can let everyone know.  Please give your niece my best wishes and good luck.  Maz x 


Yes, she has fundraising pack including T-shirt so I guess she is on a list somewhere. (Sandie O from Derbyshire)


that's good then, so Marilyn will be aware of it.  Where in Derbyshire are you, I am in Matlock Bath.  


I live in Scotland at present but hope to be moving to Devon soon. Sandie is my niece who lives in Derbyshire


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