Great North Run - Training update

Great North Run - Training update

Hello - This is my latest update. Training has been going well and planning my first 10 mile run tomorrow. Have been managing to train 4 times a week, doing different types of running, some hill training, sprints and longer runs.

Darlington 10k next weekend and South Shields 10 mile the following weekend - eeek.

I have my consultant appointment in 10 days and should get the results of my bone marrow biopsy, so hope to get an actual diagnosis (fingers crossed)

Any donations that you can manage would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thank you

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  • Good on you Hun ,

  • How do I donate

  • Hi Captain Corbett,

    If you copy and paste the link below it takes you to my just giving page. If you are able to donate that would be just brilliant :-)


  • AWESOME effort Chrissie. . You're looking in great shape for your upcoming challenges. The biggest of which could be your diagnosis of course. Please let us know how it goes. . Good Luck. Chris

  • Thank you Jedi for your kind words :-)

  • Full of admiration for you, Chrissie - spoken as one who would struggle to run to the front door if someone knocked!!😳 Good luck with the diagnosis. Remember you can come here and rant/ask questions/whatever! We are here to support each other. Best wishes, Jan

  • Hi Beetle, I do like to read the posts on here, they are very informative. I really hope that I get an actual diagnosis soon as it has been over 3 years now and still don't have a definite answer. :-)

  • Buckets of admiration winging your way Chrissie. Keep going with power in every footfall.

  • Thank you Linds, feet are the bit hurting the most at the moment ;-) Suddenly got my first ever verrucca which I do not seem to be able to get rid of and it is quite painful now. Oh well it should go eventually (i hope) xx

  • Wow your doing fantastic , I've just been out with hubby I needed to do a 12 mile coastal walk ,

    just finished it my little legs & feet are very tired ,


  • Hi Phelpsy, I know what you mean about the sore legs and feet ;-) first thing I feel when I get out of bed every morning. Well done on your 12 miles, at least we have another 6 weeks to go :-) xx

  • Hi Chrissie i really admire you ,

    Keep up the fantastic work & hope to see you on the day ,

    I'm wondering if there's a MPN station to go to after the race , if so I hope to meet up with our fellow runners & hopefully yourself xxx

    Take care

    Love Pam X

  • Chrissie, hot foot to a chiropodist and they will get rid of that verruca very quickly. Blisters are one thing but a verruca .......poor you.

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