Good day to you all ❀️

Good day to you all ❀️

Just a update on my Great North Run training

I've managed to get two runs this week , doing ok , I'm hoping to do more this week ,

Its not a walk in Park it's 13.1 miles πŸ˜±πŸ™ πŸƒπŸ†β€οΈπŸŽ–πŸ‘Ÿ I will get there if it takes me all day

If any of you lovely people would like to sponsor me I would be very very greatful ,

Just go to my Profile page & click on the

((Just Giving link ))) .

As you all know it's for the most dearest charity To us all , MPNvoice ❀️

Help raise tons of dosh ££££££

for further research & some day hopefully a Cure πŸ™

Good health to you all X

Love Pam..xx

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  • I am ,I am,Pam!!!!! Jolly well done you,but don't make yourself tired....Mailing you today.Love and take care .Sally

  • Look forward to hearing from you

    Sally X

  • Well done with the training Pam. Good luck, you are doing an amazing thing. Karen xxx

  • Thanks Karen , much appreciated

    My friend X

  • Hi Pam, inspirational stuff !! I'm sure you will succeed as your determination shines through in your post. Good for you and all for The MPN Cause. Having lost my mobility for now part of me is envious as there's nothing I njoy more than a healthy walk, not sure about running that distance though. Keep going. x

  • Thanks Chris it's lovely to hear from you , you are one of the reasons I'm participating ,

    you are my inspiration , no matter what comes your way , You stay Possitive & never lost your wonderful Humour & that I admire in you X

    Oam x

  • We should form a mutual appreciation society Pam. . LOL. I did lose my way a tad a couple months back when the BK Virus got a grip and my severe weight loss threatened my life but I came through and started to turn a corner once home.

    It's an honour to know that you are going for it partly due to my experiences. I continue to fight the Graft Versus Host Disease GVHD as it's hard to get under control. Cheers Chris xx

  • See that's what I mean ,

    You wit is razor sharp ,

    You win hands down X

  • Morning Pam, of course I'll sponsor you! Β£20 OK?

    Come on folks, dig deep, even a fiver will help - how many of us have the courage to take on a 13.1 mile run - not me that's for certain. I'd wobble at me end and probably leak like billio at the other.....😳

    Good luck Pam, you'll do it!




  • OMG Louise your a Angel

    Thank you so much ,

    Your message meant a lot xx

  • You are doing us proud hun, we will be routing for you on the day. Already sponsored you so come on everyone, she is working her bum off for everyone on here. Let's support our sis as much as possible xx

  • Thankyou jilly

    I really appreciate your your kind

    Sponsorship , your a little Gem ❀️

  • Me again.

    Pam I don't do Facebook what's the direct link to your just giving page please?



  • Hi Louise it's on my MPN profile

    Just click on my picture & it's on my main page X

    Thanks a million x

  • Well done Pam but please don't over do things too much your doing great stuff putting all your energy into this yes i have sponsored you also ,some weeks back so i hope and know your do really well with us lot on here and your family and friends all rooting for you love Holly xx

  • Thank you so much holly , I'm really looking forward to this run , or on my behalf fast walk 😜 , I've done a few trial runs & my little legs /hips can't take it 😱

    So I'm afraid it's just a walk my daughters doing it with me so I've got support if needed X thanks for your sponsorship it's very much appreciate xxxx

    I do hope your keeping well ,take care ,

    Love Pam x

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