Good morning my lovely MPN Family

Good morning my lovely MPN Family

I've Missed you all x

I hope your all keeping well

& fit & healthy as possible ❤️

All is good here , keeping very busy with Baby Carter

( only thing is not such a baby No MORE)

I like to do what Nanas do & do lots of babysitting have him staying over tonight 😱

( we do most weekends ) it keeps us young &

Most of all fit 😜

I've just finished his Nursery at ours

( no other than PETER RABBIT 🐰)

Yes I'm a mad Nana I know

But I love him with all my heart ❤️

Oooos I'm I nearly forgot the purpose of my post lol ,,,,at hospital on 1/12th Dec

blighter's of Platelets are on the up again

So now I'm taking 1gm per day 😱

Hey ho it's got to be done ✅

Ok picture of my Grandson coming

Love you all & stay warm & be HAPPY ❤️️

Love Pam x

Had to put Carter in the Best Football team Ever strip ⚽️

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  • Gorgeous Pam. Hope the higher dose sorts out your count xx

  • Thanks Karen ,

    It's something us MPNers are used to , , tweeting our dose hope your well xx

  • He is a wee cracker Pam. I also keep myself busy with 2 great grandchildren. Yesterday it was away to feed the ducks and then off for hot chocolate with Ayla. A tad tired last night though.

    Hope you get those pesky platelets under control soon. Keep smiling even if you don't feel like it sometimes.

    Anne x

  • Hi Pam , nice to hear from you , i do hope your plateles start going down asap , im due back at hospital this wed , to see if higher dose is lowering mine , i would hate for them to keep upping pills .. but whats the alternative ,especialy when they dont know why they rise on occasions ! All the best My friend take care Holly xx

  • Good look at hospital my friend ,


  • Thank you Pam , i feel really nervous this morning too , more than other times .. hope your okay with your higher dose HYdroxy . so thanks again for thinking of me Best wishes Holly xxx

  • Gorgeous little fellow - takes after his grandmother- obviously!! 😄

    Hope the platelets come down again soon. X

  • Your so sweet x

  • Hi Phelpsy, what a fabulous little boy. I'm another drooling grandma.They add so much to my life. I so admire your guts and determination. I sponsored you on your run. Good luck with the platelets. And all I can say is 'come on Sunderland!' (I hope that's the right team for that strip or I'm in big trouble!)

    Kindest regards. Sandra

  • Sandra thank you so much for

    Donating to my GNR



    Hahahah love Pam x

  • Oops. I can only blame that on my old man. And he's supposed to know about these things! Mind you, we do live in Wales and he supports Cardiff City. Say no more.

    Kind regards,


  • Oh grandchildren are the best presents in life! What a cutie. Hope your platelets start behaving. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

  • Love the photo - he looks gorgeous and cuddly! Good luck with your platelets.

  • What a lovely child - no mistaking he's a boy!

  • Hi Pam. Being a grandparent is just the best, my grand daughter was 3, 3 days ago and my grand son 2 today! Enjoy xxx

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