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I'm taking Part in the Great North Run , yekkkkks 🙏❤️💗💙🚶🏻👟🚶🏻🏆

I'm taking Part in the Great North Run , yekkkkks 🙏❤️💗💙🚶🏻👟🚶🏻🏆

 My Great North Run sponsor page for MPNvoice 

as some of you were asking to sponsor Me & my Daughters Adele X

I would be very greatful for any donations 

No matter how small ❤️ 

MPNvoice  & my lovely friends ( you ) 

have been there for me over the last 3 years since my Diagnose's with ET jak 2 Poss , 

This is the least I could do to say Thankyou 

To you all , X

I was in a dark place before I found you all X

Love Pam x

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I want to support you Pam,not quite sure how to send,you know I am a bit useless with Internet things,will work it out,how is the training,don't strain any muscles,when is G N R? Guess what ? I have Laryngytis now....whatever next!!Really struggling to breathe  full of more Meds,make a good rattle for your lovely grandson,boy is he coming on!Keep well,with you in spirit xxSally

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Hi Sally I'm so sorry to here your not feeling to good , don't worry if you can't manage to sponsor, I know you will be rooting for me , 

I do hope your soon rid of all that horribleness it's taking a lot of shifting, sending you good health & big warm northern hugs my friend , ❤️ 

Yes Carters doing well keeping us busy , (well me anyway ) 

I love him so much 💙

Ok I'm off for a jog around the Estate with Adele my Daughter 

Just to annoy the wildlife 😜 

Ttyl xx 

Love Pam X 


Well I walked today,mind you the 20 mins up our lane to house,took me 45 mins,but felt soooo much better afterwards! Not your standard but I will get back there !Found your just giving,did not read your mail properly last night ,so will do the necessary soon..So funny this morn ,the dogs kept running back to me,wondering why I am so slow,but happy to have me outside at last,were getting fed up of lying at my feet waiting for the day!!!So you spurred me now....Luv Sally

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Awwww that brought tears to my eyes , ( who am I kidding streaming down my cheeks )

That's wonderful news well done you , it does make you feel better getting out & about even if it's a 5 min walk , it replenishes the mind & builds our inner strength, 

So proud of you , & I'm so happy I've  inspired you to do  a little keep up the fabulous work my friend . 

Love Pam x  🏆🏃🌞💐🎓👟 


You certainly have!!I worked on a sculpture of a roe deer too ,that I have not been able to do since my chest and throat problems,interesting that I do not normally have reactions such as this,to lay me so low,my doc is sure an allergy has caused it.I wonder if any one else has suddenly found similar.All is blossom.,long grass,etc ,etc,and all suddenly,as we had an unusual damp spell,then heat and humidity,which does not suit us MP N people.Any way  another try tomorrow !Luv Sally

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