Good Health & Easter love to you all 🐀πŸ₯🐣

Good Health & Easter love to you all 🐀πŸ₯🐣

Hi just a quick note ,

Hope your all keeping well , & enjoying Easter ,

I've had a wonderful weekend my grandson had a Celebration of his Birth Party , he's now 11wks & life is PERFECT  couldn't imagine life without him now , we waited over 10 year for his arrival ,

He was worth the wait πŸ’™

Love to all my sweet friend ❀️

Pam x

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  • Pam he is absolutely beautiful! I also waited a long time for grandchildren then two came along within 3 months of each other! They just change your life so much don't they? So pleased for you. Hope you are keeping well. Karen xxx

  • Thanks Karen  

    They sure do change your like its the most wonderful feeling in the world to me,

     I bet your also on a high like I am 

    Enjoy every minute of yours to 

    Much appriciated 

    Pam xx

  • Lovely photo Pam, he's gorgeous! I am keeping very well at moment and hope you are too. Enjoying relaxing Easter break and indulging in an Easter Egg or two! Glad all is going well with new grandson. They do say good things come to those who wait and he is certainly worth the wait. Glad you are enjoying life. Take care and keep us all up to date with his progress. Liz xxx

  • Thanks Liz, glad to hear your well x

    I'm also well  such do I've applied to do the great north Run for  our MPNer πŸ™πŸ˜±

    Waiting for my number tho 

    My  Daughters   doing it with me x

    I hope to start training very soon X

    Are you on face book you could watch my progress X

    Stay safe & well 

    Pam x

  • Wow Pam that's fantastic you are brave. I am on Facebook and would love to follow your progress and will you set up a donation page on just giving or similar? Would love to donate when time comes, particularly as no chance of me doing something similar! Good luck with your training xxx

  • Sure you had a great Easter Pam,happy pic!You are looking well,wow how the little man has boosted your health.Like Liz,wish I could think about a run!Will follow your progress of course,keep the faith,as a famous friend used to say to me,with you it obviously works xx

  • Sure you had a great Easter Pam,so pleased you are looking enough to run,wow how the little man has made you so well,like Liz,wish I could do similar!n

  • Hi you keeping ok , lovely to hear from you , your so right being a grandparent has given me a huge lift , πŸ’™ 

    He's adorable X 

    Yes I  opened my mouth and fell in to it lol regarding the great north run, 

    It's something  I've  always wanted to do & it's in my home Town so why not 😱

    My Daughters joining me which I'm delighted about , 

    Haven't got number I'm hoping it all goes through & I can raise alot of money for MPNvoice X ££££££

  • Sorry could not cancel the above!!!!

  • What a little cutie!!

    Grandchildren are great - you can send them back when you're tired!!

    We've only got one at the moment but high hopes of more now the younger son seems to have settled with a lovely girl.

    Best wishes

    Lizzie X

  • Hi Lizzie thanks for your  reply 

    Your do right we get best both worlds 

    They sure do give us a boost I don't think I've come back down to earth since he was born :) 

    Fingers crossed for number 2 grandchild coming along for you X

    Hope your keeping well , X

    Pam x

  • Hi Pam hope you had great Easter weekend , i know you are a very busy Nana and i have to say i also admire your energy in all you do ,you look really great ,love Holly xx

  • Hi Holly thank you I had a wonderful Easter very busy as always 😜

    You know me moving target is hard to hit lol , we must catch up soon X

    Hope your keeping well X 

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