Great North Run 6 weeks to go my training's going well x. πŸ™

Great North Run 6 weeks to go my training's going well x. πŸ™

Well I'm happy been out walking this morning

With the hubby he's like my personal Trainer

Kept the pace at 3:5 all the way

We managed to walk 12 MILES πŸ™πŸƒπŸ˜±β€οΈπŸ˜œ

I'm so delighted I know it's do able



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  • Well done Pam! 12 miles is amazing! I wish I could do it with you. I walked 1.5 miles to the village and back today and my feet and ankles hurt so much I don't know where to put them! You should be so proud of yourself, keep up the good work. Keep us posted on how it goes.

    Karen xxx

  • Karen,I have swollen ankles and burning feet at the mo,three weeks of going up and down a huge old staircase in 400yr old Mairie where I am having an exhibition has really taken its toll on me!,thought I was reasonably fit for a P V person,,ice packs every night soothes,then swell again as soon as I am on feet again!!Good Luck with yours,hoping mine go back to normal when expo finishes.Sallyx

  • I feel for you Sally, painful feet affects everything you do. I am having pain killing injections into my ankles and top foot joints on Friday, which usually helps for around 3 months. Unfortunately they will only do them every six months but 3 months of relief is better than none. Hope the exhibition is going well. Karen x

  • What causes your swelling feet Karen.? Just been for cardio tests,my consultant there was worried the swelling left foot and ankle was D V T,so whisked to another specialist for Doppler scans is a tendon sprain,thank goodness,I was petrified!Does not explain burning toes tho...think that belongs to M P N people.Do you have steroid injections perhaps ?Back to ice packs for me,cannot get even a sandal on left foot!!The intense heat here does not help,but I don't think that is a big problem back home in U K.Best to you ,hope you have relief soon.Sallyx

  • Hi Sally, the swelling is from osteoarthritis, mainly in the top joints on my right foot, but both ankles too. Thank goodness you did not have a DVT, though tendon sprains can be incredibly painful. Yes, they are steroid injections, not pleasant having them right into the joint, but worth it for some relief. Hope you feel better soon. You are right about the heat, it was only 16 deg C here yesterday!! Karen x

  • Karen,Hi there!I did write a reply to you yesterday which suddenly disappeared! How awful for you the osteo arthritis....I noticed you have a stent or two rather,I have one,fitted just after my P V diagnosis,Hydrea and other thinners ,made an artery collapse!Why I wonder do we have other probe as well as an M P N.

  • Was not finished,it went again!! Was going to say,that I take heart Meds as well,I suppose you do too.The swelling foot was discovered by my cardio man as I was strapped into pedals of bike I am tested with ,all of that was ok,then of course the panic stations that I might have D V T,noticed on site that others have suffered them,never gave it a thought.Here ,they are so swift to check anything untoward,expo finished now,was very successful,just need to sleep and sleep.....Keep well as poss Karen,Sallyx

  • We all certainly seem to go through the mill don't we?? Hope you feel better soon, take care x

  • Hi Karen I also wish you were doing this with me , I know you will be with me on the day , I can relate to your feet today my whole body's in shock I think , from my toes to my head aches 😱

    But as my mama used to say no pain NO gain xx

    Take care & stay well

    Love Pam xxx

  • Have a well earned rest today Pam and let hubby wait on you hand and foot! Karen x

  • Tough Cookie you certainly are. Jolly well done Pam!!! You have my admiration and all my best for the continuation of the training,love as well,you amazing lady.Sally

  • Sally Sally Sally , your so kind ,

    I walk every mile for you & each and everyone of my lovely MPN friends you've all kept me going over last 3 years I'm forever greatful to you all ,

    I hope one day I meet you lovely people but until then I do my best to raise funds & get this charity noticed πŸ™

    I love you all my MPN family ❀️

  • We will meet one day,until then we keep each other going don't we? Xxx

  • Definitely , if ever you come to North England , I have 2 spare rooms , πŸ˜œπŸ™πŸ‘ I make High Tea for you x

  • Could do with one of your high teas today,have to go to hospital to see cardio guy, so tired I will fall off the bike thing they test with,that is if I can get on it anyway with swollen feet and ankles !!!!'mmm,thoughts of your cakes will spur me on!!!Have to get ready now,Keep your fingers X for me today.xxxxxx

  • I will Sally , fingers , toe's to, X

    take care

    Love Pam x

  • Well I am finally back home,cardio thought swelling on my left leg was D V T ,so was rushed o another specialist for Doppler scans,was I scared....any way all was ok ,the swelling is a damaged hubby and I are shattered,my one day off from expo spent in hospital!!!!Hubby out feeding mares and leading them to evening paddock,I have sorted dogs and now on settee,hot outside still,feel like I have been on a roller coaster!!!What next for an adrenaline rush.Luv,your scared to death today friend.Sally

  • Awwwww no Sally ,

    Your sure going through it

    But I'm glad it's not a DVT

    Your well over due a break from all this ,

    I'm sending you huge warm hugs

    I hope your resting up & you feel much better very soon ,

    Love From your friend in England

    Pamela X πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒ·πŸ€πŸ’—πŸ™πŸŒΉ

  • Thank you Pam, my cheer up always xxx

  • Hi Pam,expo over,very successful,I am in all Papers with the very important man who is mayor of our 10 towns and villages,an 'Exposition Manifique'it says.......they should see me now.......utterly clattered!!!Taking down will take 3days,by then hubby and I will need a rest home 'Manifique' !!!!!!!Hope all goes well with you Luv S

  • Awwww Sally your like horse's muck Lol

    Wish I could read all about your expertise

    Your 1 gifted lady πŸŽ“πŸ’

    I'm glad for you , xxx

    You rest up & take care

    Love Pam x


  • Pam ,I see horse muck every day!!!!Long time since I saw that expression,very northern!!!We spend hours mucking out barn and paddocks.Not today tho ,Zombies both of us,first cool day for weeks ,well 25's ,which after 35's is better,Massive storm,shifted our ancient roof tiles,water poured in to my studio,no damage fortunately!Tomorrow take down my display stands ,with help of friends and council workmen.So many concerts and night markets in town ,masses of tourists,can only get van near to load tomorrow...then rest ,rest ,rest until November ,a show in U K.!!!!Luvs

  • Hi I thought that phrase would make you laugh ,

    wish I could of been at your show

    I could set a stall up

    & make horse biscuits &.

    High tea for the Lady's


    Love Pam X

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