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I missed you so I'm back to chat ,,,,how you doing ??

It's 4 years since I was invited by my specialist doctor at Cambridge hospital .to join the majic trial ...I agreed to trial ruxulitnib the then. New drug from USA .. I turned a corner that day ,. Changed my lifestyle as I started to really think how much I valued my life ,So new diet began ,,gave up all red meat ,especially Pork .eating all green growing veg and fruit . As the excess weight and flab went ..my spirits began to lift .

Drinking clean filtered water ,home made juices washing away all the toxins not needed ,my blood results were better ,so all I can say is "thank you" to my trial team .been there for me ,,everyday is my bonus ...I'm well and very ,very ,happy !!❤️😘💜😍💙. That's. Me. Twinkly. ,X!xxxxxxx

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Lovely post Twinkly xx


Hi Twinkly your post is just what I needed to read I need to change my life style my diet is bad I don't do that much exercise but when I do eat well and walk more I do feel better so tomorrow I am starting to change. So good to hear you well and thank you for being on the trial the drug seems to be doing very well you have a good day best wishes Poppy

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Glad to see you're feeling well and in good spirits as usual.

Keep up with the 'bright' postings.



Good to see you are feeling really good Twinkly, it is amazing that just by doing a few life style changes how you seem to get your mojo back, when I was told that I had ET just over four years ago now I also changed my life style, plenty of water, fresh fruit and veg also started to eat a lot more fresh fish, also lots of exercise and for me I now feel great, it is such a change from always being unwell, I have so much more energy even when I have to run around or look after my grandchildren.

I have found that I also sleep so much better which is a bonus.

So onwards and upwards, great to hear from you.

Jean x

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Great to hear from you Twinkly - you are certainly sparkling with all your healthy eating and juices. Keep well.


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