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Blood clot prevention tablets

Does anyone have any experience of blood clotting tablets? I had a lower leg blood clot last summer during a hospital admission. On discharge i was changed from injections to Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) tablets once a day for 6 months. I then returned to taking aspirin. The d-dimer test now shows an elevated risk of a further clot and I will have to go back on tablets. The doctor is considering an alternative to Rivaroxaban which I think is Apixaban (Eliquis) which is taken twice a day with a lower risk of bleeding. Needless to say it appears to have its own long list of side effects. Has anyone been on it it and were the side effects tolerable?

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Generally, Warfarin is usually the first choice for all blood clots as there is an antidote (Vitamin K). You could always ask about being put on them as they are a tried and tested medication for clots. The ONLY downside is the regular testing of your INR (2-3). That might be every couple of weeks, once a month etc. depending on how stable you are within the range.


Not heard of the medication you have mentioned. I have had 3 DVTs and am now on warfarin for live. Had no adverse affects on it at all and as Mark mentioned, Vitamin K is the antidote should you bleed. Other than the visits to the warfarin clinic every week or two weeks it hasn't had a negative influence on my life. Would recommend asking for it to be considered as your treatment. Good luck.


Many thanks for both your replies - I do appreciate it. Warfarin has the advantage of the antidote but the teaching hospital I attend seems now to prefer using these tablets. Also Apixaban seems to be preferred above Rivaroxaban so I will starting on them and will see how things go. The doctor this morning took a lot of trouble discussing pros and cons of all treatments so I feel reassured.


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