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Hi all.

I have been diagnosed with mild hypercalcemia and a raised PTH level. I was sent by my heam for head to toe bone x-rays, which thank god didn't show multiple myloma, or other cancers and am now waiting to see the endocrinologist as an urgent referral. I know it's to do with the thyroid glands and wondered if anyone else has this? It has nothing to do with my PV or the interferon.

Thank you dear friends. Hope you are all well. Mel xx

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Hey Mel I hope that doesn't cause too many complications for you, , good news that's it's not yet another cancer mind. . Can't say I've even heard of it so can't advise just to wish you luck with it because you already have enough to contend with. . Cheers Chris


Thanks Chris. How are you feeling? I'm off for another grand-daughter fix tomorrow. xx


Enjoy. . I can't wait to see mine x


Hi Mel

Don't know much about this believe it is body producing too much calcium and something to do with the parathyroid glands which I think located just behind or near thyroid gland and they are what product the PTH. I don't have this but do now have an underactive thyroid, I don't produce enough thyroid hormone so have been interested in researching thyroid conditions a bit.

I am advised it has nothing too do with my ET or taking hydroxy. Though sometime wonder if once one thing goes awry with body, others follow. I think our immune systems must go a bit wonky, I know under and over active thyroid conditions are auto immune conditions.

The Endo I am sure wil give you lots of info. As it is mild might be a case of establishing what's triggered it and watch and wait. Still I am not a doctor, so I should shut up now! Good luck with it all and let us know how you get on. Take Care Lizx


Thanks Liz. My sister said the same thing about our bodies developing other ailments once you've had a cancer. I did a medical test online and it gave my age as 68, I am 48!!! I had to laugh. Good luck with the underactive thyroid.

Mel x

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Hi Mel, that's great it's not a cancer and hope it's easily treated. Best wishes Aime.xx😺


Thanks Aime. Mel x


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