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Praise to the unsung hero's

Can I just take a minute to say a big thank you to the husbands/wives/partners of everyone one on this site with an MPN.

If your spouse or partner is like mine then you are lucky enough to have a real to life angel.

My husband looks after me in everything I do, supports me with everything I have to face and loves me no matter what.

Despite us both having this horrible winter flu bug he has battled through and looked after me like I was made of glass. He knows how much harder my body is having to fight this virus and without him I would have been in real trouble.

So, to all you unsung hero's.......Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xx

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Sounds as if your lovely husband is married to a lovely lady! Tink


Your Both made for each other ,

A match made in heaven x

Hope your both feeling a little better

& keep up the great work between you both xx

My Lovely friend

Love Pam x


Well said Jilly. Like you, I wonder how I would cope some days without my lovely husband. Hope you are both feeling better. Karen xx


Amen to that. My wife Angela is my rock - always there when I need support, even if I am being a grumpy old git! I don't know where I would be without her (with or without ET)


I hope you are both on the mend. Mel xx


Unsung heels. Hi Jilly. So glad you have someone to look after you and I hope you start to feel better soon. I have some kind of virus and feel rubbish but have no one to look after me. Can I borrow your lovely man?


posting him to you now lol


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