The Gift

The last few weeks have been an emotional time as you might imagine. . Well you know me well enough by now to know that I oft set my thoughts down on paper. . I'm sharing this with you all because i feel comfortable doing so and it may be my last chance to post for a few days. . No comment is required as there is little left to say, what i would ask is to just take a moment to think and take stock of your own situation and how you might improve it through positive thought or action. . Chris


I feel as must a soldier about to march off to war,

My bag's packed up, strapped tight and I'm all clean shaved and the like,

My spirit's high and I'm feeling good inside,

And though my adrenaline courses my vien, I observe an inner peace,

It's the kind of inner peace of a man :

- Who has gazed deep into his soul,

- Who has made peace with his past, present and future,

- Who has accepted and now embraces his destiny,

SAY !! What greater GIFT to send you on your way to fight,

- To settle you as you march the route,

- To support you as your 'enemy' does its worst,

- To rally you when the battle is not quite won,

You see my friends, , , you can go to war,

But you don't have to shoulder a gun. . . . . .


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  • Thinking of you JR. I truly hope to see more of your wit and humour soon. Take care and i hope you are ok xx

  • That's rather beautiful .

    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days as you soldier on .

    Helen x

  • Chris, that is beautiful. So moving, from the depths of your soul. God bless xx

  • Thinking of you JR, big day tomorrow, you have all of us rooting for you and willing you back to best of health ....we need your wonderful verse and humour back on this page .so very very best wishes to you Sandy xx

  • That is so beautiful and thought provoking. Good luck and God bless for tomorrow my thoughts, prayers, and good wishes are with you. Janice

  • Good luck Chris, my thoughts & prayers are with you x

  • Your God be with you on possibly the most important journey of your life. I know what you mean about taking stock. It is an important process to me. Love and luck to you and your family and look forward to hearing you back on HealthUnlocked.

  • Don't you worry now wayward son have many ,many ,earth angels at your shoulder today as always ....Twinkly ..xx

  • Thank you jr , for the Gift , and strenght to march on , you are truly an inspiration to each and every one of us , God be with you and keep you safe today and in the future best wishes and look forward to hearing from you soon Holly x

  • My lovely friend JR, you are not shouldering a gun as you march off to your battle, but our love and best wishes and kindly thoughts and angels. Maz x xx p.s. if you want someone to come and visit you in hospital, just say, I am not far from Manchester. x x x

  • That moved me to tears, Chris. May all your battles be little ones and the war won as soon as ever possible. Jan xx

  • All our thoughts and prayers are with you JR. We all look forward to reading your next posting. Thank you for sharing with us. You are truly amazing xxxx big hugs

  • Lovely words - all the extended friends here are rooting for you today with many thoughts to you anx your little family. All the best kid

  • So lovely Chris, so moving and inspiring. You do not walk alone. xx

  • This is so poignant, keep the good fight and your faith, and hope that we here your wonderful wit soon JR x

  • Thinking of you,lovely poem from a brave man...Sally

  • I don't know you but my prayers are with you. You are not alone. Many are with you. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Keep you chin up Chris thoughts and prayers from all these good people must mean something hope all goes well xxkisses

  • Brother in law has had his stem cells things are now looking great he's in Plymouth hospital and now looking to go home in a week x kisses

  • Tears rolling down my face 😭

    Your such a courageous Man Chris ,

    Your always here for us ,

    Take comfort knowing your MPN friends

    Are all Marching with you , X

    Good luck Pam x

  • Thinking of you today JR. Hope you are ok xxx

  • Hello Chris, Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and your family and send our love to you all. Bye Gill

  • Dear Chris,

    The words are so beautiful I admit to tears. Not of sadness you understand more of hope and positiveness. Thank you and hope all went well today.


  • That's beautiful, thinking of you and hope ur ok. Aime.x

  • Hope alls going well and you're soon fighting fit again! X

  • Wow Chris, I`ve just read your inspiring words and all the words of encouragement from your many friends on this forum. You have given us all words of comfort and joy in the past and its coming back to you in spades. May I add my good wishes for your journey. Sue xx

  • Very best of luck JR. You'll make a load of new friends on your new journey your humour will keep everyone on there toes. Day at a time treatment affects everyone differently!! I expect your sister is also very nervous. I so wish you and your family all the very best.

  • Keep soldiering on xxxxxxxx

  • Beautiful, emotive and inspiring words, best wishes to you and your family xxx

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