A Room With a View

A Room With a View

Hi folks just a quick update and to say I haven't abandoned you all, , my concentration levels not brill to say the least. . I'm still strong but my mouth is getting progressively sore making eating tad harder. My lovely golden curly locks (LOL) are in real danger of dropping away as is my hair elsewhere ๐Ÿ˜ฒ. . My blood cultures show an increased liver reading probably resulting from drug toxcicity so going for ct scan to see if any damage. . Hope not. . But you don't make omelette without busting few eggs. . My outlook and spirit are still intact. .

I'm actually quite fortunate in that I'm overlooking the main entrance whereas others have more internal rooms which don't afford the same outlook. . I will never under-estimate the uplifting power of a view again as there is always something going on during daylight hours. I wrote a verse about my observations but it is rather lengthy. Anyway I post a pic to give you visual. .

Many thanks to all of you for your kind and supportive comments. Love Chris xx

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  • Keep strong Jedi, everyone is rooting for you God Bless.

  • So glad to hear that you are staying strong and positive - lovely sunshine to go with the view. Best wishes. Janice

  • Great to read a post from you Chris,keep up your spirits,we are with you in thoughts,you will be better soon,allthebest and love to you for a very speedy recovery.

  • Hope the scan shows no damage .

    Good view you can make up lots of stories .

    You are a true inspiration


  • Hi Chris you are right never underestimate the room with the view. It's in chicken soup for the soul. Keep strong xxx

  • Hi Chris, great to hear from you. Thank you for making the effort, which must have been quite taxing. These locks will grow back and probably be curly for a while! A tip I picked up whilst in and around hospital for a couple of years, and it works: Re mouth ulcers - rinse your mouth and expel ordinary coca cola! Even my specialist agreed that both nurses and patients insisted that it worked, so I tried it and, yes, it did. Just don't actually drink the offending fluid. It's for rinsing only. Love the view. It really does lift the spirits ๐Ÿ˜„ One more step....you're doing great x Jeanette

  • Well done our kid you are doing so well and each day is a step nearer the goal of success and a well Chris - you are almost there and we are rooting for you - all the best Jedi R

  • Best wishes JR fingers crossed for the scan!!.

  • Ice lollies and yoghurt drinks were good for me. You are right about the view, mine was London panorama from 16th floor so not obviously busy but interesting. Watch those numbers rise! Chris

  • Hi Chris

    Like you say at least you can see whats going on, although a nice beach view would be nice :)

    Hope your scan goes ok, im sure it will be just fine.

    Take care


  • Hi chris good to hear from you. I am so pleased you have the energy to keep us posted. Hope your scan result is good and that your counts don't rise any higher. There is nothing quite like a bit of people watching, or being nosy as my husband calls it when I do it!

    Keep smiling

    Karen x

  • Good to hear from you - have missed your sparkling wit and repartee - thinking of you and look forward to your next post - God Bless, Sue xx

  • Hi brave poet man....hope a better day. Sure curly locks will return in abundance. Good thing for mouth ulcers is Pure Coconut Oil, which you just rub in. Benefit is that it is particularly good for you as well. Love and best wishes, Tinkerbell13

  • Hi Chris,

    You really are blazing a trail for many of us. My decision cannot be far away now! A good honest view of the experience is just what we need. Good Luck to you!

  • You are doing fine. My husband had the same view last year in April and while it's been a rocky 12 months we are now leading a relatively normal life. The staff are great, and you couldn't get better treatment anywhere. We wish you all the best, although we know what you are going through.

  • Good to hear from you, hope all goes well. Re the hair - I've just brushed my dogs, I'll save what's come off and if your golden curls don't return I'll glue it to an old swimming hat - voila - a perfect "syrup" - nobody will be able to tell the difference! X

  • Haha, now that is funny. . I was thinking of one of those tartan Tam o' Shanter with orange strands round it , , daft thing is I would wear either x

  • When my mother in law was having treatment for leukaemia we bought her one of those tam o' shanter things - and she wore it!

  • Hi Chris , Bless you for posting, i must say when i looked at your photo. i thought i was lookimg at episode of Holby City! haha , sounds like you are getting the full value of our Doctors And Nurses , and being well looked after ,and rightly so ! keep your strength up and keep fighting , we all admire you God Bless. love Holly x

  • Good to read your post. Hope you get the best results! Stay strong and enjoy the view....hope the sun is still shining! Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

    Thinking of you

    Love Gill x

  • It is widely acknowledged that a view is important for recovery in hospital. In fact the new hospital in Glasgow has a complete glass wall for maximum viewing possibilities. I haven't been in there ( fortunately!) but I went into a school built like that once and had the uncomfortable feeling that I might just fall off the edge of the floor!! I think I prefer to stick to windows!!! Glad you have one to help while away the hours.

    Hope the mouth feels better soon - you can't afford too much weight loss! (I'd have plenty to spare!). Also hope that the liver results don't accuse you of being a life-long drinker which mine often do. I wouldn't mind but I don't drink. Seriously, good luck with that one.

    We're all still rooting for you and so glad you are able to keep us informed of your progress. xx

  • Unlike Queens Hospital in Romford Essex. Can you believe this, it's a new hospital and has some wards with NO WINDOWS at all, they don't even have TV's. How they get away with it is totally beyond me.

  • Glad I'm not cooped up in there !!

  • Lovey to hear that your positive attitude and outlook are still in abundance. I know that this is a very taxing time for you and your family, Chris, you are one amazing dude I would love to read your verse on the busy comings and goings from your fly on the wall position. My thoughts and prays remain with you x

  • Really glad to see your post, so good to hear from you. Pleased you have been able to keep us all updated about how things are going. You have amazing strength of character, Chris. Keep hanging on in there! Good Luck with the scan. Liz xx

  • Thanks for taking time to comment I enjoy reading them all. . I will try one or two suggestions re sore mouth as I really need to eat, , going to persuade my wife to make me fresh bolognese which I fancy and should be reasonable to get down. . .

    Enjoy your weekends whatever plans you have and I hope we don't get the fallout from hurricane Henri I think it is xx

  • I'm a newbie but wow Chris your just so inspirational , You deserve the best of everything So glad you have a room with a view , Take care. X. Julie

  • Hi Chris , Top Man you are , ๐ŸŽ“

    Fingers crossed all's well with you scan

    As for the hair , I Think you'l look very dapa in a tartan & more so in the kilt ๐Ÿ˜

    Keep up the posts look forward to them

    Massive virtual hugs sent your way x

    โค๏ธPam x

  • Chris sorry to hear your have mouth ulcers,not nice when you need to eat and get your strength up.

    Let's get those numbers up.you are a true inspiration to us all, sorry you are having a bad time at the moment.

    So many of us are watching your posts and wishing you well.

    Annette x

  • Your spirit is an inspiration to all of us Jedi. A view of just life going on all around can be so uplifting when you are confined to one place. I hope your mouth gets better soon as there is nothing so wearing as that. You are coping so admirably with everything and lets hope all this is a catalyst to a much more enjoyable and robust lifestyle for you and your family. We are all rooting for you. Thank you for your example.x

  • Glad to see you're enjoying the best that my lovely Manchester has to offer ๐Ÿ˜œ glad your spirit is still strong and hope the CT scan shows your body is just as stubborn! Great to hear from you, was just thinking about you all this morning. Send my love to your missus and hope she's doing well as well. Keep strong and look forward to seeing your next post x

  • Hi Chris

    Hope the scan goes well and thanks for sharing your journey with us which must be a very difficult time for you, but as always you manage to inject some humour in your post.

    We are all with you and are thinking about you.

    All the failed Jedis are riding with you.


  • Sure you are in Manchester, it isn't raining

  • Good to hear from you and that you are staying positive. The room with a view sounds great, there's nothing like watching the world go by. I'm watching the geese go by, a sure sign that the season is changing and they are thinking of getting ready to fly south.

  • Yes the weather has been pretty fair of late , with many folks taking their lunch out on the grass , grey start today but the Walker Cup golf is on at my birthplace Lytham St Anne's, so it was bound to change for the worse. .

    My son reckons if my liver can withstand 35 yrs of beer / vino it can cope with a dose of chemo. . . Actually it might be working harder to process dead or aged blood cells as I think my spleen may well be decreasing , , again the scan will show.

    Cheers for all your best wishes xx

  • That's me boy, wonderful spirit, going to have a glass or two tonight, oh and I have cooked some curries as friends are round. Going to raise a glass to you too, so here's to you Chris, keep us informed about the scan.

    Jean x

  • Hello Chris You a re a amazingly brave man, I hope everyday will soon be a little better for you. Love to you and your family. Gill

  • I don't think I'm brave, , just a guy who reached a crossroad in life but each way was fraught with risk, , X = carry on as I was no chance of ridding myself of my PMF using drugs to control only symptoms and risk transformation to AML leading to immediate SCT but with extra chemo or become to ill to undergo it.

    Or Y = bite the bullet and step up to the SCT procedure in an attempt to cure my PMF and get my life back on track. .

    I guess you need the 'bottle' to commit. . . . . And carry it through whichever crossroad you choose. . . X

  • Hi Chris, good to hear from you. Ask the hospital if Peroxyl mouthwash would relieve your mouth, if so they should be able to prescribe you some. As for your hair you can borrow my hair extensions from when I had alopecia. They are rather long though, but I'm sure you could carry them off! Stay strong xxx

  • Hi Chris. You're one of the many reasons I love this forum. The people on here are funny, inspirational, informative & genuine. You're all of that. I wish you lots of love & health & thank you for sharing your fab perspective on life, PMF & Manchester hospital views.

    I will wave to you & blow you an MPN Voice kiss as I drive home today from Manchester to 'sunny' Midlands.

    PS sounds like you could have different hair for each day of the week at this rate! ! COOL!

    Liz x

  • You keep strong J, you will get through this. Each step is a step nearer better health. You might end up with a full head of curls! The others are better placed to offer advice re your mouth ulcers but ice lollies etc sound a good idea. Hope you enjoy your food more soon. Thinking of you tons! Sending every good wish possible and loads of hugs. Aime xx๐Ÿ˜บ

  • Thank you ladies , , hmm hair extensions better than ending up looking like Boris Johnson or Shirley Temple!! I had lovely blond hair as a kid would love that back. . . Beggars can't be choosers eh ? Can always have a selection of hats. .. Love your way Chris X

  • I bet you were wondering where I got to ,,well iv been out to Richmond dog show with LUKA my Russian dog ,, Ask me how he did??? He WON !!! Thank goodness for a room with a view ,it's all about the late cooler sunshine ,,just now , wish I lived nearer ,I do a very good spaghetti bolognas e .. Just slips down no need to chew ..Or good healthy soup with chicken ,I learned on my Russian trips ,, This is just the hurdle ,for the next chapter ,you know that ..don't need me to tell you .when you come home ,a new man ,you will appreciate every day ,,keep strong my wayward son .we are here for you .. Twinkly. Xxxx

  • Cheers Twinkly and well done, , , all your hard work paying off. . I could eat your tasty soup and bolognese, , the meals here are sub standard, i had a cottage pie that i wouldnt have given to my dog, , , so we are having to buy some foodstuffs at M&S on site. . . Love xx

  • Hi Chris, great to hear from you. I'm just catching up on all the posts after a long weekend in sunny Menorca. Sorry you're suffering with mouth problems, I hope you get some relief soon. Maybe we could all send you a food parcel with some good nutritious food? I hope you scan comes back ok.

    Keep your pecker up and keep posting.

    Love and hugs, Judy xx

  • Hi Chris, how are you today? Hope scan is good. Thinking about you as always. See you men you just like attention. Hubby has ended up back in hospital with slight pneumonia which affected heart rate again. Was in A&E until 2 a.m. This morning so feeling a bit wabbit, good Scottish word for shattered. I think one of those tam o shanter hats with red locks would be perfect for you.xx Aime๐Ÿ˜บ

  • Hi Chris. So glad you are still in good spirits our brave Jedi. Good luck with with the scan, and hope all is well. Mel xx

  • Hello Chris,

    I have been away for a week in sunny Spain and so only just catching up with your news. Thought about you whilst away though and hoped all was going according to plan. Hope the scan has gone OK.

    All the best as always


  • You're a fighter! Keep strong mighty one! xx

  • Cheers , , I posted an update on lizzziep post , , , I'm still fighting the fight more so if anything xx

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