6 Weeks and Counting. . . . , 😲

6 Weeks and Counting. . . . , 😲

Hi Guys, , Thought I'd take opportunity to wish you all a successful 2016 and may we continue in general good health. . .

Well I'm about to enter my 6th week of this challenge or game of cat and mouse with the Graft Versus Host Disease. . Seems my sisters Stem cells are now rampant in spite of desperate attempts to damp them down. I suppose it's similar to a wildfire, you put one bit out and another sparks up. Anyway I'm still in good spirit , , I seem to find an inner strength in these circumstances, I suppose it's called survival instinct as my body is under attack big time.

My wife Is with me and is a true rock to my paper. . The unconditional love and support she gives willingly is humbling. Anyway I will try keep you posted but struggling as rubbed my eye and managed to put 2 scratches down my cornea with rough skin as I'm shedding like a snake. . A one eyed one.

Regards Chris

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  • Omg you are amazing Chris, think it's your determination that Spurs the rest of us on, I wonder if this treatment could be be a new kind of dermabration all be it a very tough way to get smoother skin.

    Let's hope that 2016 is going to be a good year for you and that the treatment works.

    So to you and your family keep the faith, there will be light at the end of your long journey.

    Jean x

  • You my friend are a legend ! You know the rest .

    Still thinking of you xxx

  • Chris,you are a wild fire too,you spark up and keep burning brightly thru all your traumas.I wish for you and your amazing wife and family the best possible results this new 2016,we are all with you in spirit,helping the fight to health.

    Pense'es Chaleureuses,Gros Bisous.Sally

  • hi Chris, great to hear from you. They do say that siblings like fighting but poking yourself in the eye is a bit OTT! Both you and your wife are marvellous people, so strong. Keep up the good fight, you and your wife will do it. Each day is another day nearer winning. Best wishes and hugs to you both. Aime xx😺

  • Happy 2016 Chris. You certainly have had it rough in 2015 so fingers crossed it will be a better year for you. After six weeks you must be thinking it will never end but keep fighting kiddo and with the support of your family I`m sure you will pull through. Sue

  • Hi Chris, sending you healing thoughts and prayers that you will be feeling better soon.

  • Hi Chris best to you and your family for 2016 - you are in all our thoughts with positive thinking

    Caz xx

  • Lovely to hear from you Chris. You keep fighting, we are all behind you. Love and hugs to you and you dear wife. It's very hard being the carer and supporter, she is obviously doing a superb job.

    Love Judy xx

  • Keep well and keep us updated as much as you can. You truly are an inspiration xx

  • Lovely to hear from you Chris my what a fighter you are wish you all the love in the world so please get yourself well soon xxxxxxxx kisses

  • Oh flipping heck Chris you certainly are going through a tough time!! I really hope 2016 is a huge improvement on last year for you and your wife who must be so worried about you. You never know, shedding your skin might leave you looking 20 years younger!! Here's hoping you feel better very soon. Love and best wishes, Karen xx

  • Much care and thoughts to you Chris our treasured pal along with your dear wife - so many thoughts going out to you for your courage and endurance both of you in this fight - all the best from down south - Jill

  • Dear Chris, what a challenging time you are having. I thank you for making the effort to write your post and let us all know how you're travelling. I am really sorry to hear that things have been so tough for you, and I pray that things turn around in your favour this year. Having your wife by your side for love and support is indeed priceless. Well done that woman....and well done that man! It has taken an enormous amount of energy and willpower to get this far. May your road be easier from hereon in. Much love and best wishes for 2016. Take care, Jeanette xx

  • Hi Chris, I hope you are feeling well soon and 2016 is a great year for you and your family. You deserve it to be! Take care, Diana x

  • Hang in there Chris. You are one tough bugger and you will get there...one foot in front of the other. {{{{}}}}}healthy vibes coming your way.

  • Love and strength to you and your wife Chris. Keep going. β€β˜€πŸŒˆπŸ’• xxx

  • Hi Chris, 2015 has been a tough year for you but hope for better things in 2016. Best wishes to you and your family.


  • Brave, inspirational Chris, feel the love coming to to you both.

  • Dear Chris - sending you both my bestest love, hugs and good wishes for 2016. Always a good day when we hear from you. Thinking of you lots. Take care, Sue xx

  • Hoping that the coming years eyes you winning that fight. Great to hear your news and you are indeed an inspiration. The search is on for my match. Best wishes. Xx

  • Good luck Jane I hope you get a donor soon, , xx

  • Try to eat and drink well my lovely before you go in !! Loads of fresh brightly coloured vegetables ,,cook with coconut fat ,,drink juices of every colour especially black grape for your healthy heart ,,take the supplement ,,Pomi T.

    It's a winner ,,I take it all the time since I discovered it's healthy ingredients ,of brocolli xgreen tea x turmeric xpomigranit ,,,,,good luck. Twinkly xx

  • So sorry to hear that this bloody GVHD is giving you such a tough battle but so glad to see you are with the help of your good lady wife keeping your spirits up. I wish you both all the best for 2016 and hope that with the turn of the new year your sisters cells win out. We women always like to win so the odds are more than strong. Lizxxx

  • Praying that 2016 will be your year.

  • So good to hear from you Chris. I'm really sorry you're having such an awful time. I can't tell you how often I think of you, and know others here do too. So if good thoughts from us help, you should be up & back on your feet (free from the nightmarish gout) any time now! I wish I could write as cleverly as you, so as to bring a chuckle to your heart, but know that lots of us 'from across the pond' are pulling for you. From a Tennessee Hillbilly, Gail

  • Hello Chris. Just want you to start feeling a little better soon. Love to your wife as well.



  • Hi Chris ,good to hear from you , and hope this years brings better health for you . keep being positive , and strong and with each day thats passes you improve all the best regards Holly

  • Always a v special day when you appear and you and your wife are the most remarkable pair and admired by us all. May all your huge courage be rewarded very soon and please know how many fans are out there rooting for you and wishing you well again. Warmest greetings to your 'rock' and to yourself from Tinkerbell13

  • Hi Chris. You look awful, I hope you feel better than that... It is quite extreme skin care program your on, I don't think you'll get many with such dedication , haha. I was reading the posts to look up foot ulcers but I don't think I'll complain today now!!!

    I like lots of others are on your side and send our best thoughts and wishes your way.

    Hope 2016 is a turning point . πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Chris. I'm new here, but I want to share in all the love sending. I desperately hope 2016 is a better year for you, and your lovely wife. You are so wonderful.

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