Friends, pray pause for a minute from your mince pies,

Please put down your port and lend me your eyes. . . . .

The tree is all decorated and beautifully lit,

Two weeks to go yet and tis wilting a bit.

Your Festive gift shopping is well under way,

Well blow it, who wants to save for a rainy day ?.

Your credit card has taken a bit of a hit,

But your pleased with your gifts you have to admit.

For son and heir a subscription to a new golfing mag,

Daughter in Law has perfume and a new evening bag.

Grand-daughter Lucy will to her hearts content bake,

And Grandson Luke has Star Wars Lego to make.

A nightie and slippers for old Auntie Flo,

Aftershave, socks and soap on a rope for Uncle Joe.

Your nearest and dearest is proving hardest to get,

He must be the most "don't need owt" man you ever met.

Next week the dreaded food shop looms large,

Some buy enough to fill a small barge.

The Jones' next door have two trolleys laden with food and beer,

You'd think Asda was going to be shut for a year !!.

The Festive Season is meant to be fun, a time to let your hair down,

Not fight in the aisle for that last turkey crown.

Then before you know it the main event : The Christmas Dinner,

Get your timings right here and you're onto a winner.

The turkey is served with all the trimming,

Piled up plates are literally brimming.

A break in proceedings for the Queens Speech at 3 o'clock,

Her Majesty the Royal Shepherdess tending her flock.

Then it's rich Christmas pud with cream or brandy sauce,

But no cake or cheese yet because you've 'eaten a horse'.

And soon it's all over until the same time next year,

Hubby's in his chair snoring after a half pint of beer.

There's no rest for the wicked you say as you clear away,

You'll surely sleep like a log tonight after the rigor of the day.

Your MPN has been largely forgotten and parked up for a while,

A time for family, fun, a laugh and a smile.

Then BANG !! It's all gone and you're back to reality,

Going to work and attending clinic is your normality.

Well folks for many most of my rhyme will ring true,

But please indulge in the Season and do not feel blue.

Before I go I would offer up my Festive cheer,

And wish All of my Forum friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year.

Cheers Chris

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  • Every best wish to you and your family. E hugs from Aime xxx๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ

  • Merry Christmas to you, and so lovely to hear from you and a great poem xx

  • How ture the poem is . Happy Christmas and enjoy time with family and friends best wishes poppy 6060

  • Happy Christmas my friend The year draws to an end

    My wish is for you

    Good cells that are new .

    Helen xx

  • A few weeks of madness

    Tis hectic, its true, but

    Christmas is for family

    Enjoy, lets not be blue

    A day to forget, all our troubles and grief

    Get stuck into Turkey, stuffing and beef.

    So to all my MPN family, Chris most of all

    Enjoy the day and have a ball.

    Anne X

  • Cheers Anne, great rhyme. . my poetry preference is non rhyming and letting the beauty of words flow together to paint a picture. . . going Sisters for din but taking turkey coz they are vegetarians LOL. . So nut roast for them , Turkey , pork cranberry stuffing , gammon, piggies In blankets for us . . haha . . . x

  • Merry Christmas to you both, so uplifting to hear from you.๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

  • Great Chris,Very Best to You and family,and better health in 2017.Maybe Poet Laureate for you ???? XxxSally

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all - as Jedireject says 'forget this MPN thing' for a couple of moments and get out the big smiles.


  • Brilliant Chris, and so true. So to you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, and let's hope that next year brings us all better health and the courage to carry on if not.

    Merry Christmas

    Jean x

  • Lovely poem Chris,

    Wishing you and your family a brilliant Christmas and hopefully for you, a healthier new year. You deserve it.

    Love Judy xx

  • Ha ha I love your poem Chris it's brilliant. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New year to you and yours. xxx

  • Haven't been on or posted for a while as my other half not been well. I have really missed your fine prose Chris. Hope all is going ok with you and wishing a very Happy Christmas to you and yours and all good things for the coming year xx

  • Brilliant! Have a good Christmas and let's hope next year is a much better one for you.

    Happy Christmas to all forum members.

  • Merry Christmas Chris and here is to a happy new year xxx

  • Hey thanks folks . . just a light hearted post triggered by Kate going to Asda and saying how mobbed it is already and just a bunfight all round. . . then I started thinking about the other elements and how as we all know (and fall prey to) the true meaning of Christmas can be over-shadowed by the prep for THE Big Day. . . Having said that I hope you are all organised.

    Cheers Chris

  • That sums it all up superbly! You are a great poet, my friend. Although I could not even try to be that eloquent my best wishes for Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year are nonetheless truly heartfelt for all my fellow MPN Warriors and your families xx

  • Lovely poem! Happy Christmas to all

    and a healthy as possible new year. Xxx

  • Best wishes Chris and the same to all of you...

    ... Be happy & safe.

    Steve (Sydney) xo

  • Wow!! I had no idea you could do this Chris!! Thank you for the wonderful gift of a tremendous poem and taking your time to give us such holiday cheer! Agree we must not let worries about things being perfect rob us of the joy we should feel of being with loved ones. I hope your xmas is as special as you've made ours. โค๏ธKatie

  • HI Chris, my lovely friend, what a fabulous poem for us all, thank you so much. I hope you and your family have a smashing Christmas, and everyone else on this forum. I shall be eating until I explode! Merry Christmas everyone, Maz x x x x x x

  • Hi Chris. Great poem, you never fail to raise a chuckle. Sorry you have had such a hard time over the last year and a half, I hope 2017 brings good health to you. Merry Christmas. Love Mel x

  • Thanks for taking time to read my light hearted post friends and for your cmoments and good wishes . . All the best to you All for the jolly Festives and for 2017.

    Cheers Chris xxx

  • Hi all, I don't very often post on here but I always read and have learned so much from others. Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017 and definitely couldn't let Chris's verse go without a comment, what a great poem. Hope everyone has a good day with family and friends, Cheers Sandra

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