Did you have a happy Mother's Day ?

Did you have a happy Mother's Day ?

I'm so lucky .my two sons are good friends ,so on Mother's Day they got together and we met up in a pub in east London .for lunch .all my grandchildren came ,and tiny baby girls ,3 great grandchildren ..so now I'm so old !! as my birthday was on Saturday as well. But I wanted to share this news with you ,because even tho we all have these life problems ,coping with our MPN,s. life is a great new adventure everyday !! Make each day count ....think positively .....twinkly ..xxxx

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  • Glad you had a lovely weekend - the photo is lovely. My daughter arranged for myself and husband to go for a weekend away to Parknasilla resort and spa for a bit of pampering (I had another bone marrow biopsy/aspiration couple of weeks ago). It was double celebration for me too. 40 years married plus mother's day. We need to mind ourselves as you so rightly often say. Happy birthday (belatedly!) Bruddery

  • Ay up Twinkly lovely family time which you richly deserve. May I as a wayward son wish you both a belated birthday and Mums day. Sounds like you had enough family there to swell the pub profits but I would have doubled your bar bill as I'm partial to a good swallie of London Pride. . .

    By the way that's a nasty looking bruise on your right hand. .

    Love JR x

  • Looks like you had a great time! I did well (for my two sons anyway) had an email and phone call from the one who works abroad and a card from the one who lives about 15 miles away, and a lovely card from my beautiful dogs!!

    You're right, lets all make the most of our lives!

  • Hospital visit tomorrow ..to get my knees looked at ! You know I feel sorry for those ol doctors !! They see some awful sights .dont they ,,, Talking of awful sights JW !!,,,that's no bruise ..that's just one of my pictures of life ..the blue bird of freedom !on my right hand..I had him when I travelled so far ..the stories are painted on me never to forget ...thank you for your xxxxxxx. Twinkly ....

  • OOps silly me - I shouldn't jump to the wrong conclusion but I didn't have my spex on so everything looks a tad blurred, and I shoveled a few sherbets away. . so everything looked blurrier still. . except your lovely smile which would brighten anybody's day, , ooh I'm such a schmooze. .

    Love and regards JR X

  • Good moaning people,

    I had a very productive Mother's Day - spent it blitzing the house because we had a couple coming to view ( it's on the market - hoping to downsize ) upside, now spick and span in every corner.

    However, I would have far preferred to have spent it with our daughters but they live hours away in the south so not possible.

    Thanks to face time we keep in touch regularly ( not that that does my confidence any good - have you ever seen yourself on Skype or FaceTime? My god, I look about 20 years older with ten chins!)

    The upside was I received a beautiful bunch of roses of all hues and varieties, and a couple of lovely cards - one with a photo of a little tot stuffing a loo full of loo paper - exactly what our younger daughter did when she was three - she also completely emptied a pot of 48 plasters and painstakingly stuck them all round the bidet and bath.

    Little monster.

    She signed her card, love from your little angel....how empty our lives would be without them.

    Have a good Tuesday.



  • Hi twinkle happy belated happy birthday you are looking good, I also enjoyed my Sunday with my daughter and grandson. Good luck with your visit to sort your knees out, am four months down the line from total knee replacement on left knee, op went well although recovery a bit slow, but doing loads of exercise and paying for private physio as non existent on the NHS if you decide to get them done make sure you do all relevant exercises before the op as it builds up the thigh muscle. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pain killers after the operation other than paracetamol as I react badly but I made sure that I worked hard on all the exercises, bloods have been OK in fact they are really pleased with me considering it is a major operation, so although the progress is slow I am getting there, so good luck and let us know if you decide to go for it.

    Jean x

  • Hi jean ..superwoman ..I'm very impressed you had a knee done ,I'm not really keen .iv been dodging this op for the last 4 years ,,I can't face the after care ,my dogs are so very demanding ..regular routine is crucial with a pack like mine ..I'm never off my legs so how will they cope ?....let you know how I get on after this next appointment...thank you for your encouragement ....twinkly. Xxxx

  • Hi Twinkly, I must admit it has been really hard but had my lovely husband to help, he unfortunately has been made redundant in this last week so he is now helping more and makes sure that I do lots of walking and exercise bit worn out by the evening but hopefully it will pay dividends, although I have been told that it will take up to a year to get back to some sort of normalty and be pain free, so for you with your dogs it would be very hard unless you have support from family who can keep them as you would, go with an open mind and see what they have to say, do make sure that you tell them what MPN you have, when I told my surgeon he looked at me as I was talking about the film ET but after he read up on it he was brilliant. Maybe I am being a bit impatient, I just want to get on and enjoy my life as like you and many others on the forum we have a lot of living to do and enjoy it we will.

    Keep smiling

    Jean x

  • Happy Birthday lovely Twinkly big hugs xxxxx

  • Hi Twinkle , you look beautiful ,

    what a Lovely mother's day & Birthday suprise x

    Sounds like you have a wonderful Loving family , I totaly agree life life to the full is my Moto , :) 🌹🌷💐🌻🌹

  • Oops live life I meant to say 😜

  • Happy belated birthday Twinkly and I am really pleased you and everyone else had such a lovely day! I had a lovely day with my two young boys. We also took mum and mother in law to Hollingwood lake, which was very nice! Good luck with your knee appointment Twinkly. x

  • Knee appointment up date ..saw a lovely lady doctor named "Carmel "yesterday ..she asked lots of questions ..then examined me ( not a pretty sight ) she needs X-rays ,,re,operation ..but meantime I got given a massive needle in my padded bit at the back .to keep me going ,,( I think it's the one Russian shot putters use ) ..then she said a new drug for arthritis is available ,,called leflunomide ..it again works on the immune system ..but she will contact ,my prof green ,,( my lovely racing greyhound ) .to ask his advice before I can have that ...I thought she was very thorough and extremely gentle ..I bought a new knee support because iv got a dog show coming up .so life goes on as ever ..no time to be ill ... Kisses. Twinkly xx

  • The new drug sounds promising Twinkly........ I have seen your pictures and you look very lovely, indeed a pretty sight! Stay well and enjoy your dog show. Hugs Diana xxx

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