It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Hi Folks , , just a social post to prove that despite my current issues battling my inner GVHD 'friend', there is life after undergoing a Stem cell transplant. My beautiful wife and I attended a Nieces wedding this weekend. It was a casual event as weddings go and very enjoyable. I was keeping everything crossed that I would be well enough to attend as my Niece had generously booked and paid for a hotel room for us. And I knew my wife was so looking forward to our first night away (barring hospital) for ages.

The wedding was in Didsbury Manchester and instead of a sit down meal meal we had a barbecue, so it was just as well the sun shone for most of the day, the rain coming later about 6pm. A lovely touch was pin badges they bought from Cancer Research, top hats for guys, flower posys for ladies. £150 went to a good cause.

I surprised myself by lasting the day out until 11pm gone and even had had a couple of small beers. Actually I don't miss the alcohol as much as I thought I would as I used to be a fairly heavy drinker and I don't need it to enjoy myself. Mind you at £11.50 for a double gin and tonic or whisky ginger ale and £11 for half a bottle of wine I'd need a small mortgage to get sqiffy. Even Dick Turpin wore a mask. . .

So all in all a great weekend in a lovely setting with family. And it has been a catalyst for us to confidently have time away again should the opportunity present.

Cheers for now folks. . . Chris x

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  • So pleased for you and you both look fab .


  • Looking good Chris 😀 So does your lovely wife. So glad that you were a able to attended your nieces wedding, for you it must of been one huge step. Your determination to get well is an inspiration to us all.

    Jean x

  • Both looking great! Sounds like you had a lovely day and well deserved for both of you too! Thought you had renewed your vows at first when I read the title of your post!

    I used to look forward to a couple of glasses of wine at the weekends - but since my diagnosis I don't bother and don't miss it either. Having said that, I will have a drink on special occasions such as b/days, Christmas etc.

    Mary x

  • Great to see you out and about and able to enjoy the special day.

    Confirms why keeping up the fight is worth it.

    Take care


  • Looking really well there. Sounds like a lovely day.

  • Hi Paul , good to hear from you. Hope you're doing ok and in good spirits. Was wondering how you were getting on after reading a couple of your previous posts. Hope you managed to get off that roller coaster you were on and your not still strapped in.

    Take care my friend

  • Hi

    I feel like I have got off the 'big one' and now on the 'grand national', still plenty of ups and downs but not as bad as they were.



  • At least you're on the up. . Tis many years since I rode the Grand National , , much has changed at the Pleasure Beach since then . . Used to work there as a second job 4 evenings a week. Better times health wise . . Keep your spirit up Paul . . Chris

  • Ah Chris,

    your good lady wife is looking lovely and you don't look so bad yourself either! I'm so glad you could get to the wedding and last the day. What a great boost for you both, a bit of normality that so many take for granted. Keep battling Chris, you indeed are a great inspiration to us all.

    Love Judy xx

  • Lovely to see you back Chris and you and your wife look great. Jx

  • Oh Chris what a wonderful post. You make a lovely couple and both look so smart - and happy. You've both been through so much and to have had such a wonderful day is more than well deserved. Make the opportunity to go away happen for yourselves not too far from home but somewhere you will be waited on!!!!! Going away is a worry home is a haven but you really enjoyed the wedding and coped so well why not!!!!

    You're looking so much better hope the eyesight is improving for you?


  • So glad to see you looking so well and your wife looks lovely. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I'm really pleased you were able to enjoy the day - family get togethers are so special. Karen x

  • Thanks Chris... :)

    Wow! You do scrub up alright. Looking quite dapper their my friend (must be the Force!)

    So cool to see you up & about and out enjoying yourselves.

    Excellent event by the sounds of things. Love a good seafood BBQ myself... :)

    I catch up w/ a good friend of mine every so often, of whom unfortunately is wasting away his inheritance gambling, while I am passively inhaling all that wonderful nicotine, (just for the privilege of keeping him company for a short time... so sad really).

    I really can't drink that much either these days, and really, I simply prefer not to... I really like having what health i can find these days...

    Besides, I am still hoping to be a V. late masters entrant for La Tour De France... :) I am now even sporting a few abrasions to prove my metal – my badge of honour... and Spring now just around the corner.

    So happy to see you happy my friend



  • Well look at you two. Your wife looking beautiful and happy and you looking very dapper indeed. What a wonderful treat for both of you to be able to spend some quality time together AND away from home. Its a joy to see you looking relaxed and smiley. I can see some date night's coming up (lol) now you have the taste of being able to go somewhere other than hospitals. . keep up the good work , delighted for you both that it was an enjoyable day.

    Stay well and I'm sure hugs from us all .


  • Happy Picture Chris, great you kept going all day....think sometimes when we are in good company and a pleasant environment we find a source of energy from the situation far away from illness....mind over matter????or an inner something we cannot understand???Delighted you both had a lovely break,more to come hopefully !!Best best wishes xxxSally

  • Oh Chris how wonderful to see you out and about, this is such good news. Great to see your lovely wife at last, you both look so happy and well . I hope this is the first of many outings for you both.

    You are such an inspiration to us all.

    Keep getting stinger and stronger.

    With love to you both Sandy xx

  • what a lovely photo of you both, glad you enjoyed the wedding. Maz x x

  • Hi Chris, joining in with all the others to say how thrilled I was to see this happy pic and a special treat to see your lovely lady with you! You will never know quite how much you and she have inspired so many of us....with your courage and good humour and perseverance and her total support and dedication to getting you well again. Bless you both. May there be lots more happy occasions. Same day, we also went to a wonderful family reunion, in Wiltshire, and such a treat to have a proper outing, as opposed to yet another hospital visit! Torrential rain didn't bother any of us!Very kindest regards to you both and best wishes to your niece and her husband, and sure your presence there was her best wedding present of all. Tinkerbell13

  • So glad you were able to have day off! What a lovely photo. Nothing like a good wedding to lift the spirits - especially an informal one. When my son married nearly four years ago it was one of the happiest days of my life (even if I did have a short meltdown wondering if I'd be here to see the other three boys looking as happy on their wedding days!)

    Keep up the good fight, our Jedi warrior! xx

  • You look great Chris and so does your lovely wife. Xx e hugs to you both. Aime xx😻😻

  • Great to see you out and about with your wife at such a lovely event. Glad to hear you had a good time. It is such a morale booster when you get out to a wedding and are able to catch up with friends and family. Wow - drinks are pricey! Lovely to read your news.

  • Thanks everyone for all your comments. . My sister said that she may have provided the Stem cells to give me a chance of a new life but it was my wife Kate who really saved me and was largely responsible for the fact I was there to witness my Nieces happy day. I can't disagree with that.

    When you have conditions like ours or undergo transplant you wouldn't be human if you didn't wonder in a quiet moment whether you will see key moments / events in your family life. Each is so very special and becomes a milestone of great significance.

    Of course I was able to function better because of my pain management mainly by way of a morphine based patch (Butec transdermal 10mg per hour patch) which I wear on my arm and change weekly. This is supported if necessary by Co codamol. Works for me.

    Believe it or not I used to be slightly taller than my wife who was wearing heels but on top of that I have lost up to 2 inches in height because of Osteoporosis due to steroids and posturing.. I joke with my Grand-daughter that she will have her own 'Grandpa in my pocket' which is a kids tv programme with the versatile James Bolam (Likely Lads / New Tricks) .

    Love to All and as the late great comedian Dave Allen said "May your God go with you"

    Chris x

  • So good to see your post and know that things are going better for you. Glad you and your lovely wife enjoyed the wedding. You both deserve to have a fab time after what you have been through. Love the photo!! Take care Liz x

  • How lovely you both look. So pleased you got to have some fun for a change. 🙂 love to you both. Mel xx

  • You both look amazing! I cannot believe how well you look in a relatively short time. I bet you nearly choked at the cost of the drinks! Keep on what you are doing as it's obviously the right thing xx

  • Having a good day out, makes a whole heap of difference to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I am so pleased you were able to enjoy every part of your nieces wedding. Love and peace Angelina xx

  • Thanks Angelina et Al. , I was fortunate to be well and had a really good time . . . Hope we get another short break soon xx

  • Wow! Somehow I missed this wonderful post. I'm very happy that you both could go, have fun and feel your old selves again. What a great event. Hope you didn't feel too awful afterwards. Katie

  • Thanks Katie, it was a majestic weekend for us as we haven't been able to owt much other than attend hospital appts for alost 2 years. Fortunately I was on good form as it goes for me but the following weekend I was very lethargic. Hope you're well . . Regards ---Chris

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