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Happy Friday to you all

Happy Friday to you all

Hi everyone hope your keeping well ,

in delighted to be going to the Newcastle MPN Voice Meeting at Centre of Life

With my Husband , I feel he really needs to go as I'm hoping he can become to understand how I'm feeling , some days I feel really alone on this journey & other days I'm fine ,

I'm still walking lots for MPN voice

My Great North Run in September

any sponsor's would be greatly Appreciated

The link is on my Profile page

That keeps me focused & healthy

Take care everyone

Love to All

Pammie xxxxx

This little fella keeps me up xx💙Xx

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Hi Pam

Hope the meeting is a positive experience for you both.

Well done for the GNR .

And Carter is gorgeous can't believe how he's growing grandchildren are the best medicine xx

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Thanks Helen

I very much appreciate your sweet reply , isn't he just gawgus I found his first tooth yesterday. He's 6mths unbelievable where times gone , he's my little prince

I must see him every day ,

He's staying over tonight mammy & daddy are going to out , we love looking after him xxx

Take care

Pam xx

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Hi Pam , , Happy Friday to you too. , you got your hands full it the wee chap and the love you have for him shines through. . This is what life is about. Keep up your training for the North Run, I haven't forgotten about sponsorship. I'm having a tired day but not sleeping too well due to painful back and effect of water tabs.. .Feel another 40 winks looming, I get odd days like this where my battery is low. Enjoy time with your beautiful Grandson and thanks for cheering me up. . , Chris x


Awwwww Chris it's lovely to hear from you , glad I helped to make you smile😬

Your so right about Carter he's my Little treasure , I would never of imagined the love he brought with him , not in a million years

Re GNR I'm still getting out & about I'm averaging 6/8 miles

Walk at a speed of 4 mph

I'm hoping to finish it under 4 hrs

(((My legs ache so bad ))

, Not exactly Mo

But finish it I will 🙏🏃👟

& my daughters doing it also with me , X

YOU are a inspiration to me

All you' have been through & still

Your support/ humour & wit has never slipped


Love Pam x


Hope it is good Pam,the forum,wish I could get to it.....having a day off from my expo ,had blood test this morning,so tired standing and talking to people ,my left leg and foot so swollen ,cannot put sandals on even! So hubby and a friend are on duty so I can charge batteries for the weekend visitors,good sales tho!!!

How do you manage to hold that lovely boy up,I would be scared to drop him,keep well,good luck training,must be making you stronger.

Temperatures here are crazy heat...dogs will not leave cool tiles in house ,my mares are sweating in their barn,give a lot for some cooling sign on horizon,grass burned off,plants suffering,me too.Luv S


Hi Sally great to hear from you

I'm sorry your not to good ATM

You make sure you get plenty rest

Your a hard worker ,I hope your feeling better soon , X

RE , Carter is my workout each day ,( what a way to keep fit) 😱

We had him stay over last night

He went to sleep at 8pm until 5am

Can't complain at that ,✔️

Mummy & daddy went to see movie , I'm just waiting for them to pick me up to go to a lovely place Wallington hall National Trust, we are members 😜 So I be getting a good walk in today 🏃✔️

Weather's nice today 18 degrees

Poor Steves at work 😱

Sunny & fresh , not to hot , ,

Ok must get sorted

Bye bye & take care

Love Pam Xxx


Just the weekend and a day for expo,then two days to clear up then I WILL REST!!!!

Amazed I have kept going,which shows what real determination can do....taken a leaf out of Jedi book,he shoud write a story of his journey,would make a good T V docu. Bring MP Ns to public notice.You keep going Pam,sending Love and best wishes from a boiling hot Lot et Garonne.Sally

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Hi Pam , thats sounds like a great idea to go to meeting , my husband also as a job understanding Mpn ,half the time he gets it all wrong , Sadly Newcastle a bit too far for us . Think even my. grown up children have a job to know what it all means . i guess because there isnt so much out there in media like all the other .cancers people get! and our treatment bit different as well by nature of this disorder, we take the treatment for always not just a course ! you are doing great preparing for the GNR by the way good luck take care love Holly xx

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