a Happy Christmas from aboard New Beginnings

a Happy Christmas from aboard New Beginnings

well as another year comes close to end and a year I will be glad to see the back off with separation end of 2015 and divorce April 2016 and the pure lack of care and trust from a person I'd know for 20years.

I can now look forward to 2017 woth a little ray of positive motion.

I met a lovely lady called Dee 4 months ago and it's moving slowly but surely in the right direction we will spend Christmas together on my Narrowboat New Beginnings, a full week no less so scary but excited.

we have also booked a holiday together so something else to look and move forward into 2017.

and making plans for a possible future as a new couple of middleaged teenagers.

fellow MPN followers my only wish for 2017 is we all to accept our ills live with it embrace it and rule it. because if you can rule it and not it rule you you can live a Fairly normal good life..

Merry Christmas


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  • Fair play to you Frank I know from experience how hard starting over after many years with someone who you thought you could rely on can be. . I met and married my my soul mate 2nd time around and she has been by my side supporting me through my MF / Transplant journey and beyond. So it is possible to find happiness and I wish you and Dee the very best of luck together. Lover your aptly named narrow boat.

    I too am glad to see 2016 drift into history but for different reasons. Here's to a better 2017 and as you say let's strive to take control of our MPN and not let it rule our lives. .

    Merry Christmas Frank

    Cheers Chris

  • chris thanks for your reply and Merry Christmas to you and yours peace and love


  • How lovely that you have met someone nice and can look forward to Christmas and a great holiday .

    I'm also second time around and my hubby is a wonderful caring man even though he snores loudly ! 😂

    I hope that you will be very happy together and have a Happy Christmas 🎄

    Helen x

  • That's great your life has become brighter and happier for you, now you can move on to a good new "chapter"

    Best wishes good health and happiness for 2017


  • Best wishes for 2017 - hope everything works out! (Love the boat by the way!)

  • Best wishes to both you and Dee. Hope 2017 is kind to you.

    Mary xx

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