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Best holiday insurance for PV


Hi all

Going on my first foreign holiday since being diagnosed and was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent company for travel insurance?

Thanks in advance.


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I just added PV onto my current travel policy for worldwide cover and had to pay a annual premium to cover me, wasn't a hassle to do and gives me peace of mind I am covered.

PT99 in reply to Jen76

Thanks Jen. I haven’t got an annual policy so was going to do the usual one-off. Will consider though. Did it cost you a lot to add PV?

Jen76 in reply to PT99

Think it cost around £70 for the years policy, was very easy just asked a couple of questions about my condition. A lot of people use staysure so would definitely check them.

Hi Pete,

I’ve always used Staysure. Very reasonable. PV for 12 years. Remember to use high factor sun cream if you’re on Hydroxy.

Have a good holiday


PT99 in reply to piggie50

Thanks Judy, I’ll check them out. I’m on Interferon so not sure if that carries the same risks(?).

Thanks, it’s not until August but want to get organised and can’t stop thinking of blue skies and warmth!

EleanorPV in reply to PT99

I’m on Pegasys. No problem with insurance. All they needed to know was that I was diagnosed with pv.

Selvamok in reply to piggie50

What id your age and what is your treatment?

Free eu travel insurance with nationwide flex account. Cover pv for free.

Wyebird in reply to EleanorPV

Wow you we’re lucky, I have Barclays active account. I had to cancel my holiday when I had just been diagnosed. They paid up no problem but I have to take out anther policy currently (staysure) because the bank refuse to cover my ET.

I’m with cooperative bank and have their annual travel insurance. No increase in premium for PV.

I am with the Natwest with a platinum account and they included it free. Worldwide cover.

I have free worldwide travel insurance included in my union fees with no increase for conditions

Hi Pete

I have ET and I used Staysure when I went abroad last year. I had a lot of other ailments to add but it was worth it as I was covered for everything. I also have the European Health Insurance Card, but I believe that has limited cover. I'm sure there was a post on here a while back about holiday insurance.



Hi Pete

I have had ET for over 40 years and never had any problem with travel insurance until it progressed to MF. The process of calling the insurance companies drove me to distraction - I was on the phone for an average of 2 hours each time only to be told they wouldn't insure me. Finally got insured through Staysure. The post mentioned by Angela was probably mine.

Good luck!


My husband has PV and is taking Ruxolitinib. World wide insurance was really good with Aviva. We took one year policy

I use a great broker called Just Travel when I was diagnosed with my bladder cancer in addition to PV they were the only people that gave me a decent quote and since then I have used them every time for the last few years. I must admit prior to the bladder insuring for PV was easy, as long as you haven't had clots most will insure you. Good luck

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