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Im so upset


Today was our 1st appointment with the consultant . I have a small cyst in my overies but apparently nothing too worry about . My weight is a big problem , that much off a problem the consultant is writing too my GP to refer me for surgery my BMI is +40. Age is against me aswell , i need too loose the weight but not get any older in the process . My partners sperm is low and has to be re tested and if it is any lower IVF will not even be an option .. back too see the consultant in 3 months too find out the results .... just feel so let down and upset with myself

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Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear about your struggles. As you are still TTC I think you may need to change to be part of the fertility community still trying to conceive. This forum is for people you are no longer TTC.

All the best with everything x

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