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Whats your story?


Hi Everyone,

tomorrow I am being interviewed by fertility podcast to talk about the 'infertile friendly ' campaign. We put together a government petition following a conversation on this forum. I have since had conversations with nurses, doctors, friends and strangers all who have validated the need for change with their stories of insensitive treatment while struggling with infertility, miscarriage or hysterectomies in our hospitals.

I would like to give our stories a voice and plan to share (anonymously) a few of them tomorrow.

If anyone would like to share their story in a few sentences , what their treatment was like in Hospital/how it affected them/what could be done better ?

If you would rather message me thats fine as well.

If you haven't read about the campaign- visit twitter- infertile friendly twitter.com/ifpetition

or to sign the campaign visit;


thanks x

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thanks to everyone who messaged me to help with this interview. It should be available soon on fertility podcast. I have also set up a facebook site, please could you like it and share to help spread the campaign.... thank you


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