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Disconnected to family


Hey girls

Since becoming childless not by choice I find myself pulling away from people who don’t make me feel good or don’t want to understand our situation. I don’t speak to my sister at all as she was so horrible last year and my dad I hardly speak to just because I speak my mind and I do things for me now to make me happy not him or others.

Has anyone else pulled away from family?

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Hi light, I'm sorry to hear your family haven't been very supportive through your struggle and yes, I sometimes have had to pull away to keep myself sane! In the early days I think they should have been understanding but now I think how can they possibly understand! My sister was particularly insensitive it has caused a huge void I can not fill back. We are extremely different people and our challenges through life have highlighted it even more. All you can do is be around people that make you happy, as the saying goes... you can choose friends but you can't choose family!

I have pulled away from some friends as they were very insensitive about my situation and I don't want people like that in my life. My relationship with my family is the same but I just pull them up on it if they were being insensitive.

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