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Zero Sperm Count


Hi everyone, I'm new on here and am looking for some advice. A week ago we found out that my DH has zero sperm and high FSH levels. Everything I Google is bad news, the doctor hasn't told us anything and has not been reassuring in the slightest. I dont know what to do with myself and my DH is a mess and I'm not sure I can support him. Has anyone any words of help? Thank you xx

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Dear Han

So sorry to hear all that, we have a similar (not completely the same) story... I think how a couple supports one another in the maelstrom of infertility is one of the most important things to somehow surviving it all..... I think he will take time for it to sink in and he probably blames himself.... Love him the best you can is all you can do I suppose! Love him even with his fertility issue.... That will mean so much to him. Conscious this forum is not appropriate for treatment options, however perhaps you should look at natural alternatives to standard treatments. If it's deemed appropriate then I will post more, not sure how to private message, but if you know please feel free to message me. My wife and I are thinking of you. Best regards

Thank you, its really good for me to hear about it from a male prospective as he isnt really talking to me. I guess ive just got to keep my chin up and be there fore him :) x

Dear Han

I'm sure you're supporting him very much and it will make such a difference.... Better days ahead I hope. Be good to each other. Take care and please message me anytime you want.


Hi Han84. With my medical hat on, This semen analysis will obviously have to be repeated in 2 months time. I would have thought that DH would be referred to a urologist/andrologist for further investigations such as scanning to check for "trapped" sperm and possible hormone treatment. Hopefully your clinic can offer some counselling too for you both. Obviously I wish you well with whatever investigations you both may have and of course if you have any treatment. Diane

Han84 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you xx

Male harmone system cycle is 92 days. try nature cure on that basis (in addition to whatever you do) things are never not that negative as they seem in the begining.

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