Knowing your not alone helps

I've only posted once here but I read all the messages. Don't forget there are more people reading than post of reply like any forum. I like I'm sure many read post nod their head and just get it, feel it and have experienced feeling a failure, the odd one out the total sense of loss for a child that will never be. They describe the trying to conceive as a roller coaster which it is. The feelings which are less described is the roller coster once it's all over. The days when a friend tells you they are pregnant and you are dragged back into your grief. The days where you are doing something truly wonderful and you feel on top of the world. After 9 years of trying and now accepting (as much as that is possible), it does get a little easier year on year. There will always I think be those times of great sadness and loneliness, but together, sharing our feelings on here , hopefully we will know. We are never alone ☺

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  • Hi 🙋 Julie that's very true just like a bereavement it gets easier with time. You have to enjoy the good times and embrace it. Thanks for posting it. Take care

  • We'll said!

  • Thank you for making me feel less alone in my journey x

  • Thanks Julie

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