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Hi All

My husband & I have done 4 unsuccessful rounds of ivf, 1 successful which ended with a miscarriage.

We started the adoption process but it was extremely difficult and we did not get to the second stage of the process.

Since then I have been diagnosed with depression & anxiety and was signed of work for a couple of months.

Now I'm trying to find balance & happiness without children. It's v difficult & v lonely so any advice would be welcome!


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Hello. I'm a year on from our 3rd and final BFN. I had some counselling to help deal with the grief, it helped to understand the grief cycle and know I was reacting "normally" by feeling sad for quite a long time. We haven't gone down the adoption route, it's not for us. The failure of treatment, even with DE on round 3, was hard to accept but it is getting easier. I've come to accept that things will upset me usually when I least expect it.

I have returned to study after a 2 year break whilst we underwent treatment. I do 5k Park runs most weeks and have improved my time. I've read some of Jody Day''s book "Living the life unexpected".

I have a history of anxiety and depression. I've been off antidepressants for 10 months having been on them for over a year during treatment. I'm feeling well despite a few wobbles. The sadness was/is different to my depression. I know what signs to look out for and when I need to get medication.


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