Possible menstrual migraine success?

Well, its probably too early to be using the word 'success', but I'd say I'm somewhat better than I have been. I suffer from what I believe to be menstrual migraines. I must say that I'm nowhere near as bad as many of you people who post here, and I do read with horror some of the posts about daily or weekly migraines, and so my experiences are somewhat minor compared with yours. Nevertheless, getting a regular monthly migraine that lasts about 4 days in total is not nice and I have tried to do something about it.

About 6 months ago, I bought some progesterone cream. I used it for a couple of months (last 2 weeks of cycle, as directed), with no success whatsoever. I then thought I'd try oestrogen cream. I bought that, used it (just before and during period) for a couple of months with success, but found that it only delayed the migraine until I stopped using the cream. This led me to believe that the oestrogen was (at least partly) the culprit. For the last couple of months, I went back to the progesterone cream. I've also been very careful about having no alcohol and making sure I do neck stretches/exercises for my "stiff" neck. I've stopped using all analgesics except for occasional aspirin. I have been migraine-free for the last 2 cycles.

I don't yet feel sufficiently confident to say that this is the solution for me, but I'm certainly going to continue with the progesterone. It also makes me feel more human, with fewer PMS symptoms.

I thought this was worth reporting and may help someone else out there.

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  • I suffer with the same type of migraine, took years to figure out the cause! I get mine twice a month, mid cycle and during. I am trying homeopathy, nat mur, at the moment and for now the migraines have eased and I am a lot less growly! I hope it lasts!

  • I also sometimes get an ovulation migraine, but not recently, which is fabulous. I'm glad you've also found something that works for you too!!

  • Hi, I am currently getting my vitamin d levels up to optimum which means taking huge doses for a couple of months then maintaining. This takes a couple of months so i donot know if this will work yet. If it doesn't I am going to try the natural progesterone cream as well. I have an ovulation and menstrual migraine every month but was told only to use the cream days 14-28 or your cycle gets messed up.( my ovulation one occurs day 12 normally so think the cream wouldnt help with that one)When do you apply yours and has it messed up your cycle at all? Thanks

  • Hi. I actually have a mirena coil, so find it pretty difficult to work out my cycle. After a few months of using a diary, I gave up and waited for the ovulation feeling(I get a bit of pain and sometimes a the start of a migraine), and then use the cream until I get a bit of spotting (and a couple of days into the ' bleeding' for good luck), and that seems to have worked. I've only had a couple of months of success so can't really say it's a long term solution yet. I don't think it's messed with my cycle at all - if anything I've become more aware of it being very regular, which it has always been.

    I also supplement with vit D (among others) and think this helps too.

  • Hi thanks for your reply, I will definitely give this a go after the vit d, do you apply the cream twice daily eighth teaspoon or did you start on lower dose? :)

  • Exactly that dose - sometimes a tad more if I feel a bit premenstrual!!

  • I also have menstrual migraines I've been using a triptan which takes away the pain but I still frequently get nauseas and can't do anything for at least 24hours. I have two questions, do you need a prescription for the progesterone cream? What kind of Dr. do you see?

  • Hi. This is something you can buy on the Internet. Its obviously not for everyone and not prescribed but seems to help me. Will pm you info.

  • Where can I get the cream please? Am desperate my head and eye pain is so bad always on my period. Any help is appreciated thanks x

  • Did you get a reply on this? I have menstrual migraine and am taking the mini pill to try and trick my body (as I never have a break) and it worked for a little while but I still get spotting and migraine for 4 or 5 days. I have sumatriptan injection which work, but I wake up the next day with the migraine back and I try not to do the injection too often unless it gets really bad (i.e. i start to get sick), I also take ibuprofen but it doesnt touch the menstrual migraines. thanks

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