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This is my second question. I had a couple of migraine attacks last winter during which I experienced chest pain/tightening which extended up to the jaw. Both times it was towards the tail end of an attack (mine last 3-4 days) and during the night which woke me from sleep. It lasted about 10 minutes I guess and was about 4 on a scale of 1 - 10. Went to the doctor who did bp, cholesterol, chest x-ray & ecg, but nothing found. In fact everything looked fine, she said. I had a few migraines during the summer with no chest pain. I'm wondering if my doctor may have missed something as I know migraines are vascular. Anyway she stopped me from using Sumatriptan & I now take 2 x migraleve & 900mg aspirin. One of the chest pains occured after I'd stopped using Sumatriptan so I don't think it was that.

Is this normal, do others get chest pains or do you think it's just muscular? I'm 59.

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  • Well, it's good that your GP didn't find anything. If it happens again I would dial 999 - even it's gone by the time the paramedic arrives they can check you over & do an ECG if they think it's necessary, and they really won't mind if it's a false alarm.

    I get pain in other areas of my body sometimes during really bad migraines - usually left arm (this is a hot-spot for pain for me) and sometimes even my leg / foot. Someone posted a link on here for me a while ago when I asked about it (sorry, I can't remember any more details) and it is possible to get pain elsewhere during a migraine as your body can go into overdrive.

    But I know exactly what I'd do if I got chest pain with a migraine (or at any other time) - 999!

  • Hi, Yes, good advice, teadrinker, I also get bad pains in my joints and muscles on the right side of leg, foot and arm hands even fingers, heavy stiffness too during some Migraines. My chest often can feel tight but thank goodness no pains, even though my throat, tongue, speach and breathing are often affected. But chest pains shouldnt be underestimated.

  • i have been diagnosed with complex migraines with the same symptoms Clumsyclot.... i scared to death because it feels like a stroke and heart attack at the same time. what was your diagnosis?

  • If this happens again do, as teadrinker recommends get it checked out at A&E. In the meantime, have you been to see one of our headache specialists to help you manage your migraines better? Call us on 0207 251 3322 and we can see you within a week or two.

  • Did your GP test for asthma? If you take aspirin, it will only make it worse if you are asthmatic. I suffer from migraine and asthma and I have tightness on my chest at the end of my migraine attack. Strangely enough, since I was diagnosed with asthma and taken the preventative inhalers, my migraine attacks have reduced significantly. I don't think it would be the sumatriptan as it is the only thing that stops my migraine in its tracks. If you are allergic to aspirin, it might make it worse.

  • Hi I was having chest pain when having my attacks sometimes . I had a really bad day with my migraines and got rushed in to AE and they found out I had angina and w

    Hen I was having bad attacks it was bringing on a angina attack . Yes I was having attacks with out migraine as we'll . You may want to get this checked out . Only thing the GTN spray they give you for the angina gives you a massive migraine . Can't win really .

  • Thanks for all the replies. I'm hoping the chest pain doesn't come back. Seeing GP next week to discuss medication. I only get about 8 or 9 year now but they're still debilitating when they happen.

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