Does anyone have a vitamin D deficiency?

I recently had some blood tests (for fatigue) and the only one that came back with a problem was my vitamin D levels, I have a severe deficiency. I did some research online and found a few articles that say low vitamin D levels are common in people with chronic migraine (which I have had as long as the fatigue) but not necessarily that treating the deficiency helps. Has anyone else had this or know if any good sources of information? Thanks.

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    Take a look at the above blog, I have been looking at this myself the past couple of days. There are some links to youtube if you open the full blog where a neurologist gives link between vit d deficiency and migraine, amongst other pain diseases.

    I have just ordered a high potency vit d(2000) from and will be seeing if it has a impact.

    Good luck

  • I, too, have recently been diagnosed with severe vit d deficiency and am being treated. I also have migraines. vitamin d deficiency is also linked with magnesium deficiency and this also with migraines. is useful - in fact John Briffa has many many interesting articles on his blog, well worth checking out. For the record I now take 5000 iu vitamin d daily, after doc got bloods (nearly) up to OK levels. read read read x

  • Thanks for your replies. I'm now being treated - but only after asking my doctor, not sure he would have bothered otherwise! I've been prescribed 60,000 units per week for 8 weeks then re test. It would be great if that was behind my fatigue, migraines or both! Thanks for the links will do some more research.

  • Hi. How do you know what dose to take?

  • Hi Seville My gp told me what dose and prescribed the tablets after a blood test.

  • Sorry Sybille typing this on my phone!

  • I have vit D deficiency as well as migraine and under active thyroid. Can you get vit D on prescription? I have to take 5000 units daily for 3 months and it works out very expensive.

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